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This week, I'm excited to welcome Chris Burres. He is the co-founder of SES Research and one of the leading experts on C60, particularly in olive oil. And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, one of the coolest new compounds on the block and how its antioxidant benefits are making it one of the most sought-after products in the world.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  •  What are buckyballs/C60?
  • What is ESS60 traditionally used for?
  • How can we be sure that ESS60 is safe for long-term use?



This week, I'm excited to welcome Chris Burres to the show. Chris is the owner of SCS Research, the first company to deliver nanomaterials and MyVitalC, which is the world's first nano-antioxidant. In this episode, we talk about the Nobel prize winning chemical that was proven to almost double the lifespan of mammals, and how he decided to make this into a household item. He's now on a mission to help people live longer, healthier, and pain-free lives. Over to Chris.

01:17 Hey guys, this is Stu from one 180 Nutrition, and I'm delighted to welcome Chris Burres to the podcast. Chris, how are you?


01:24 I am doing wonderful, Stu. I had to adjust my note from Stuart to Stu, so I can fit in on the podcast. That's what I want to do. I'm doing wonderful. I want to thank you for having me today.


01:35 Yeah, no, fantastic. Well, look, very intrigued to get into our topic, which we'll talk about in depth in a second, but first up, for everyone out there that may not be familiar with you or your work, I'd love it if you could just tell us a little bit about yourself.


01:53 Sure. So, really, we're here today to talk about a a mouthful, and that is carbon nanomaterials.


02:00 Yes.


02:00 I've been a carbon nanomaterial manufacturer since 1991. I started the company when my business partner was actually separating the materials for a Dr. Paul Chiu, at the Texas Center for Superconductivity, that's here at the university of Houston, go Cougs! And, at the time the material, was actually selling for about $6,000 a gram.

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