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 This week we welcome Kayleigh Burns to the show.  Kayleigh “Kay” works at One Ocean Diving on the North Shore of Oahu taking people from all around the world diving with sharks. Sharks are the worlds most misunderstood creatures that are vital for the health of our ocean’s ecosystems. By introducing humans to sharks she is able to change perceptions from fear to fascination in hopes of inspiring change for these animals. Her efforts in expanding environmental conservation can be felt heavily through her work in unifying ambassadors globally. One of her current projects involves raising awareness about reef safe sunscreen ingredients to help protect the world's corals.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  •  What advice would you offer to those of us stuck in a rut?
  • You’ve likened free-diving to meditation, has it helped you become a more mindful person?
  •  How do you mentally prepare for diving with dangerous sharks?



00:02 This week I’m excited to welcome Kayleigh Burns. Kayleigh is a shark biologist and safety diver based on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii. She has a passion for the ocean, and currently works at One Ocean Diving, where she is involved in shark research, conservation, and education.

00:19 In this episode, we discuss how Kayleigh followed her dreams, found her life’s purpose, and the mindset required to free dive with great white sharks. Over to


Hey guys, this is Stu from 180 Nutrition, and I am delighted to welcome Kayleigh Burns to the podcast. Kayleigh, how are you?

00:42 Aloha. I am doing so good. How are you guys?


00:45 Very well, very well. You know, you’re the first person to ever say Aloha to me on this podcast, so I feel-


00:51 It’s a very beautiful word.


00:53 It is a beautiful word, and you’re certainly in a beautiful country, so I’m super keen to talk about that in a second. But first up, for all of those that may not be familiar with you and your work, could you just tell us a little bit about yourself, please?


01:08 Absolutely. So, my name is Kayleigh Burns, and I work at One Ocean Diving. I’m a shark biologist and safety diver. Our organization is located on the North Shore of Oahu, and what we do is … Yes, beautiful place in Hawaii, for those of you that aren’t familiar with the island names.

01:28 But what we do is we take people, essentially, diving with sharks every single day, but it definitely does not end there. We have shark research that we’re a part of, as well as conservation, education, and the diving, of course.

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