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Chad Mackay: Crossfit, Paleo, Training & Golf Balls

#10. For those of you that CrossFit, Australian legend Chad Mackay needs no introduction. For those that don't, I would best describe him as one of the finest athletes in the country and can honestly do things on times that borderline superhuman!


It was an awesome pleasure to be able to have an in-depth interview with him. So no matter what sport or discipline you are into, there's so much to learn from the big man.



In this weeks episode:-


  • Who is Chad Mackay & what is CrossFit
  • What a typical day looks like for Chad
  • What he eats, including pre/post training
  • The hurdles people face when starting CrossFit for the first time
  • The fine line between training and over training
  • and much more…



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#9. As far as I’m concerned Christine Cronau rocks! Best selling authour of The Fat Revolution series, her message for great health is simple and clear. 

Christine shares her journey with us, from being overweight with ill-health. Then turning to low fat vegetarianism and then vegan diet with continued poor health. And from there completely changing her diet by eliminating sugar and extra carbohydrates, and re-introduced natural healthy fats, including butter and coconut oil. She is now a picture of health! 

In this weeks episode:-

  • Why being a vegetarian didn’t work for her
  • How much fat can we actually eat?
  • Can you feed your children a high fat diet
  • How 5 x olympian champion Clint Robinson turned to a high fat diet & is in the best shape of his life
  • Why a high fat diet will not only improve your health but your waistline
  • Where to start and what fats you should eat
  • and much more…


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