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This is a little bit of a self-indulgent episode where I look back at some of the episode of 2016 and share with you some of the bits that stood out for me.

I've spliced and diced five episodes where I've taken the best bits to share with you as I reflect the year that was. These aren't necessarily the best interviews, they are simply the ones that meant something to me :)

Can you guess which five episodes they are? 

Ps. I saved the best 'till last!

Hope you had a fantastic 2016, and here's to an even better 2017! Enjoy, Guy


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This week welcome to the show Nick Polizzi. He has spent his career directing and producing feature-length documentaries about holistic alternatives to conventional medicine. Most recently, Nick directed The Tapping Solution and co-edited Simply Raw - Raw for 30 Days. His current role as producer of The Sacred Science—a documentary about explorations in the Amazon to learn about traditional, healing practices—stems from a calling to honor, preserve, and protect the ancient knowledge and rituals of the indigenous peoples of the world.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • What inspired you to make the documentary ‘Sacred Science’?
  • What is ayahuasca?
  • Western medicine encourages us to take a pill to fix the problem. Can we do this with indigenous medicines?
  • We are living in a world that keeps us constantly distracted. What impact is this having on us (not engaging in our own truth)?
  • You mention the “way of being” that is taught by elders in the Andes and Amazon. Please explain.

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This week we are doing it with the awesome Nick Polizzi. Nick is a documentary maker and he is the man behind the doco, The Sacred Science. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you check it out. It’s just a fascinating documentary and I’ll read the synopsis right now about it straight off the text.
[00:01:00] It says, “Witness the story of eight brave souls as they leave the developed world behind in search of deeper answers. Living in seclusion for one month in the heart of the Amazon jungle, these men and women take part in the powerful healing practices of Peru’s indigenous medicine men working with centuries old plant remedies and spiritual disciplines.”

[00:01:30] It’s just fascinating. We get into Nick’s own personal journey as well. We discuss ayahuasca, which is something that I have done myself as well and that’s why it was just great to get Nick on and talk about this with him and Stu as well today. In this conversation I have no doubt you’re going to find this very fascinating. Now Nick has offered very kindly to all our listeners if you want to watch his documentary for free now you can go to a special link which is thesacredscience.com/free-screening.

[00:02:00] Just find the website. Thesacredscience.com/free-screening. Then you can watch the documentary for free. After you listen to this interview I have no doubt you’re going to want to go back and check it out. The other thing I will add I want to give you as well because talk about ayahuasca. I actually documented my own ayahuasca journey three years ago in blog posts. They are on the 180 Nutrition website so if you want to check them out as well, go back to 180nutrition.com.au. Go to the search field on the home page and just search for ayahuasca and that’s going to bring up the five blog posts I wrote.

[00:02:30] There’s little videos in there too and I document all of my thoughts, and feelings, and everything in there. It was a very personal journey for me and one I’m very glad I shared. I have no doubt you’ll find them useful as well. Anyway, so there’s two things for you there. We do discuss all of this in the podcast as well if you want to make notes. Of course the links will be on the actual blog post of this interview as well when it’s released. Anyway, let’s go over to Nick. Enjoy.

Hey, this is Guy Lawrence. I’m joined with Stuart Cook. Hey, Stu.



Hello, Guy. How are you?


I’m absolutely great actually. Our awesome guest today is Nick Polizzi. Did I get that right?




Yeah, brilliant. Nick, thanks for coming on, mate. It’s the first time we’ve explored this kind of topic and I’m very much looking forward to sharing it across with our audience today. Just to kickstart the show, mate, if you were on an airplane flying to Australia right now, and you sat next to a complete stranger, and they asked you what you did for a living, what would you say?


Man, I’d ask them how much time they had? I guess they’d have a lot of time. What is that, a 15-hour flight?


Yeah. Exactly.


I guess I’d say I’m a documentary filmmaker, author, shamanic explorer, adventurer. Somebody who is constantly on their own evolutionary path. The medicine path I guess.


Yeah. What reaction would you get from that normally as well? What would that be?


I guess it depends on who we’re talking about? Are we talking about a suit or are we talking about a girl who just got back from Burning Man?


Burning Man. Exactly. Yeah, two very different conversations, right?


[00:04:30] Yeah, but I’m starting to find that there’s actually a pretty large cross-section of the population here in the States at least that are really interested in this kind of inner work. That kind of idea was something that even 10 years ago that wasn’t really being talked about very much. Yoga was a big deal. Yoga was this foreign thing 10 years ago or 15 years ago here in the States and now everyone and their grandmother does it. I think that we’re primed.

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This week welcome to the show Chris Tate. He is a coach who combines the latest scientific research with a process of self-discovery that provides people with the knowledge, skills and support necessary to experience a life full of abundance.

He applies and teaches skills like metacognition and tools like meditation to recondition the body and subconscious mind to develop new habits and beliefs.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • After 17 years in the corporate world, how did you make the transition into coaching?
  • What is neuroscience?
  • What is metacognition?
  • How do we apply metacognition?
  • How is it going to benefit our lives?
  • What are the 3 key things we could start today, to enhance our lives?

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Our fantastic guest is Mr. Chris Tate. Now Chris … This was genuinely a podcast that was close to my heart and I was very, very excited about him. Just to fill you in the picture a bit. I’ve first met Chris working at a Dr. Joe Dispenza workshop last year and from that point he’s become a good friend and a mentor to me as well. I love his work and everything, what he’s about and what he’s doing.

[00:01:00] Essentially, what Chris does is coach the understanding of neuroscience, metacognition, quantum physics, and meditation, so we can use these new ways to create change in our lives. Ultimately it’s the science of creating change if we’re feeling trapped, if we’re feeling a bit stuck in our lives or we want to make change or we’re in a to stress-response all the time, Chris has the tools and the understanding and the background behind it, of what’s actually going on, the chemical level within the body, and then once we have that understanding how we can actually create real changes in our lives.

[00:02:00] Now I’ve been doing the work personally for over a year and it has been a game-changer for me. There are some big words that is used, neuroscience, metacognition, don’t worry about all of that, once we get into the topic today it will become much clearer. Once you can get beyond that the stuff is actually quite simple, but it’s not necessarily easy to implement because it’s quite challenging, but a phenomenal episode. Chris is a great guy, I’m so excited about being able to give this episode to you today and enjoy it. It might be one you might need to listen to a couple of times of course, just for it to sink in. I’m certainly going to listen to it again after I finish recording this, once it’s up on iTunes as well.

Don’t forget as well, guys, I’ll just quickly mention, I haven’t mentioned it for a while, we do, do this in video and they are transcribed as well, so if you want to just sit down and see our pretty faces for a while instead. We do have different mediums, and of course the transcripts can be read and that’s all back on 180nutrition.com.au, and of course we’ve got a host of other things there as well from free downloads to [inaudible 00:02:23] articles and everything to the products. You name it, it’s all in there.

[00:03:00] If you’ve never been back there before go on have a sniff around and see what you think, and simply drop us an e-mail as well, and of course if you get a lot out of this podcast please share it on with someone that you think might benefit from this and get them to listen to it, because it is changing people’s lives and it’s phenomenal. By leaving a review on iTunes as well and subscribing to the podcast and five-starring it, it’s a simple action, but it really helps spread this message along with us. Everything you do, guys, is greatly appreciated and I hope you’re enjoying the episodes that we are bringing to you because I’m pumped, I’m loving it.

We’ve got some amazing guests coming up very shortly too, including Mark Divine, Gregg Braden, and Amy Myers as well, are all booked in, and there’s more coming up as well. Anyway, I’ve got to stop talking, let’s go over to Chris Tate. This is awesome, enjoy.

Hey, this is Guy Lawrence, I’m joined with Stuart Cooke as always. Hey Stu, good morning.


Good morning, Guy.

Our awesome guest today is Mr. Christ Tate, and I should say good afternoon over there. Hey, mate.


Hey mate, how are are you?




Good to see you, guys.


Welcome to this, it’s wonderful.


Thank you. Thank you.


Apparently it’s snowing where he is, mate, we’ve got it good over here.


Did you say snow?


It is. It’s white outside.


I’ve heard of that strange phenomenon, but I haven’t experienced it.


Well, I’ll send some in your way, we have plenty.


Please do.


[00:04:00] Chris, look, first of all, thanks for taking time out and joining us today, it’s really appreciated. Topic, I love personally and to be able to share it today on the podcast is going to be phenomenal. The first little question I’m going to ask you before we get into it is, if you were on a cocktail party and you were in a room full of strangers and one came up to you and said, “Well, hi, what do you do for a living?” What would you say?


[00:04:30] I’d run. You know, I tell people that I’m a translator. I teach a form of life coaching, which is basically just a way of saying how to live life that incorporates neuroscience, quantum physics and meditation, really, all I do is I share my own personal story with folks. I’m not a scientist, I’m not a doctor, I’m literally just a guy that identified a place in his life that needed to change and I did it. I did all the steps that all the gurus said to do, and lo and behold I learned a lot and now I have an awesome life. I really just share my own path.

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This week welcome to the show Patricia Daly. She is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist (BA Hons, dipNT, mBANT, mNTOI) based in Dublin, Ireland. Following her cancer diagnosis, she left her corporate career and started studying nutrition, specialising in the area of Integrative Cancer Care. As a Swiss native, she regularly attends training courses in Switzerland/ Germany, including at the renowned Tumor Biology Center in Freiburg, Germany.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • What is the ketogenic diet and why is it effective (with cancer)?
  • Have you looked at exogenous ketones?
  • What about our emotions and stress levels?
  • Do you undertake any specific type of exercise?
  • What does Patricia Daly eat

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This week, we are doing it with the fantastic Patricia Daly. This was a topic I was very excited to get into. I don’t want to give away too much for the show, because Patricia’s going to go into in great detail. In a nutshell, she was diagnosed with eye cancer at the age of 28, I think; correct me if I’m wrong, I apologize in advance.

[00:01:00] Essentially, she felt she was exercising, doing all the right things anyway, and it came as quite a surprise to her. Then after that, she started to take power into her own hands, essentially. Then started adjusting her diet; was then re-diagnosed again after two more years, and the cancer had come back more aggressively. She’s clearly a very strong-willed person, and she continued to research and investigate cancer. She’s doing remarkably well and she now shares her journey and story with you.

[00:01:30] You can check out her website, patriciadaly.com, where she’s got a heap of information there. She’s also got a brand new book out called The Ketogenic Kitchen, which is fantastic and I highly recommend you checking it out … from a dietary perspective anyway.

[00:02:00] We get into this fascinating journey, what’s she’s learned, how she’s changed her life. In fact, and how we can apply it to ourselves as well. I have no doubt you are going to enjoy today’s show. As always, if you’re listening to this through us iTunes, just hit that subscribe button, five star us. If you’re really enjoying the shows, please leave us a review; let us know how these podcasts are affecting your lives, because we love hearing from you. Especially because we press send, the podcast goes out into cyberspace, and we know everyone’s listening, so some feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Of course, if you do know anyone with cancer and is looking for more information and other people’s journeys on with it, then this podcast would be great place to share it with them. Anyway, let’s go over to today’s show. Enjoy.

[00:02:30] Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I’m joined with Stuart Cook as always. Hey, Stu.


Hello, Guy.


Our fantastic guest today is Patricia Daly. Patricia, welcome to the show.

Patricia: Yeah, hi. It’s brilliant to be here. I’m delighted to be asked to come on your show, it’s great.


[00:03:00] Look, I’m very excited; I’m very excited about your show and your own personal journey and story. I just believe it’s going to inspire and help so many others, because it’s such a fascinating topic as well. Before we get into that, Patricia, I’m going to ask you a quick question. That was basically, “If somebody stopped you on the street and asked you what you did for a living, what would you say?”


I would say I’m a nutritional therapist. That’s usually sort of the most neutral form. If I absolutely don’t want to talk about … That’s the thing, as soon as you say you’re a nutritional therapist, people just jump on it and they actually want advice on what to have for breakfast.

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An in-betweener episode. You ask the questions and we chat about them on the show.

Got a question you want Guy & Stu to cover on the show? Email support@180nutrition.com.au

Topics covered this week:

  • Can't gain weight, what am I doing wrong?
  • Our Daily routines and non-negotiables
  • Visualisation

Questions asked:

I train at a very high intensity (crossfit) twice a day, I eat very clean (Paleo) I've lost a few kilos over time I had a dexter scan & im 10% body fat with really strong bone density so I'm really happy with my condition but would like to put on a few kilos but my health is so important I'm very strict so can't do it by rubbish food, I do keep Greek yogurt & cheese in my diet just to keep some weight on, can I eat a lot more clean food to help with this with out it being harmful to my health is there a supplement u can suggest I'm taking Whey at the moment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank u so much.
Kind regards Shane.


Hey guys! To quickly introduce myself, i am a 19 year old, living in the Western Suburbs of Victoria, Australia. I am an avid runner, usually running around 90km a week, with the addition of indispensable gym sessions (twice a week). In addition I am currently studying a Bachelor of exercise science, towards the pursuit of a Physiotherapy career, accompanied by a major interest in the overall wellbeing of an individual, cognitively and nutritionally. With all that saying, I was hoping you guys could advise me on some of your \"non-negotiable\'s\" which you deem absolute paramount, or at least helpful to a daily life. Ranging from the use of small nutritional tips (ie. ACV with lemon) to practising the use of visualisation (and how so). I really do believe the overall wellbeing of an individual is being bypassed by many today, and i really want to start ensuring i am ticking as many boxes as possible in order to fulfil my potential, and simply live a stress free, happy life. Thank you! any advice would be greatly appreciated, with that in mind; i also listen to your podcasts weekly on my way to uni! love them so keep it up! Conor :)

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This week welcome to the show Dr. Kieron Rooney. He is a researcher in Metabolic Biochemistry from University of Sydney. Kieron’s research portfolio has included both human and small animal studies investigating the role of diet and physical activity on parameters of fuel storage and utilisation as they pertain to dysregulated metabolic states such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Kieron is a fun, down to earth guy who gives us an incite to what is going in the world of nutritional study from an academic perspective. So if you are wondering why there could be so much disagreement out there on the world of nutrition, then watch this as Kieron sheds some light on what’s really going on.

Questions we ask in the episode

  • What is “Fat max” and how do we measure it?
  • Where does exercise intensity fit into it?
  • How do we become part of your research study?
  • How do we maximise post-recovery dependant upon our goals?
  • If you were a young elite athlete, which dietary fuel approach would you take?

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Today, we’re cutting through the confusion and connecting with a seriously global health and wellness leader and his name is Dr. Kieron Rooney. We welcome him back to the show today to discuss another fantastic topic which is fat adaption and oxidization because Kieron has actually been putting a study together and he’s actively doing it at the moment, which in a nutshell, he’s going to be wanting to know how we can best utilize fat to be burnt through exercise.

[00:01:00] We were very happy to get Kieron on today. We’ll get into all sorts of topics including recovery, exercise intensity, where does fat adaptation sit within all of it including low carb, building muscle mass. It’s all in there and it was a fascinating journey. Now, Kieron has a wealth of knowledge and I would definitely say you probably need to listen to this podcast a couple of times to truly grasp some of the concept Kieron is talking about. If you do get it, it will play a big role in the way you actually think about your training, your timing and the foods you eat as well moving forward, which is fantastic.

[00:01:30] Now, Kieron as well is actively looking for volunteers in Sydney as we speak. If you do volunteer your time, you’re going to require about three hours and from it, you’re going to get a free health assessment and they’re going to do some fitness test on you as well and even take some blood markets so then they can use this as part of a big study Kieron is doing in terms of how well you’re actually utilizing fat in the body as fuel while exercising.

[00:02:00] If you are keen to do that, you can drop Kieron an email, so it’s kieron.rooney@sydneyedu.au. That’s kieron.rooney@sydneyedu.au. What you can do is well, just do a Google search for him. You can come back to our website, type in Kieron, this will come up. All the information is going to be there for you so if that’s something you’re interested in, I highly recommend you check it out. I’m going to participate in January myself. Without further ado, let’s get onto the show. Enjoy. Hi. This is Guy Lawrence. I’m joined with Stu as always. Hey Stu. Good morning.


Hello mate. Good morning.


[00:02:30] Our fantastic guest today who we welcome back to the show is Dr. Kieron Rooney. Kieron, welcome back mate.

Dr. Kieron

Good morning. Thanks Guy, thanks Stu. Glad to be here.


Oh man, looking forward to it. The last episode became very, very popular and looking forward to the pearls of wisdom you’re going to share with us today for us and our listeners as well. Just to kick-start the show buddy and the fact that some people might not have listened to the last show, so we’re keeping it to our shoulder, but if someone stopped you in the middle of the street and said, “What do you do for a living mate?” what would you say?

Dr. Kieron

I guess I should start with what I get paid to do which is I’m an academic at the University of Sydney and there, I am a course director for the Bachelor of Exercise, Physiology degree. I do research into sugar metabolism. At the moment, we’re looking at sugar withdrawal. That’s our aim for the next three years but also sugar regulation from a public health perspective as well.

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This week welcome to the show Katy Bowman. She is a biomechanist, movement ecologist and author of books on natural movement, human development and diseases of captivity. In this show, she introduces a new concept called movement-based lifestyle. It is one that keeps all of you moving—from your arms and legs to your microbiome—gives you large doses of “Vitamin Nature,” and “Vitamin Community.” It is the addition of movement back into life.

Katy Bowman, M.S. has earned an international reputation for achieving unprecedented results in reducing pain, increasing bone density, improving metabolic health, and solving pelvic floor mysteries. She is the founder and director of the Restorative Exercise Institute, a large organization and online training program that teaches the biomechanical model of preventative medicine to health professionals and laypeople worldwide. The author of Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief: The New Science of Healthy Feet (2011), Alignment Matters: The First Five Years of Katy Says (2013), and Move Your DNA (coming Fall, 2014), Katy’s writing explore the relationship between cultural habits, movement, and disease. She is the creator and talent of the Aligned and Well DVD series and blogs regularly at Katy Says.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • How important is footwear?
  • What’s the difference between exercise and movement?
  • Why is gym-focused fitness unsustainable?
  • We live in a world where everything is outsourced and done for us. How much do you think this is effecting us?
  • Society encourages us to move less, how we can reverse that trend?

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This week we're doing it with the awesome Katie Bowman. Now, if you're not familiar with Katie, she is a Bio-mechanist, by training, and she is a serious wealth of information. An awesome lady, and a very passionate, and I thoroughly enjoyed this interview today. She is the author of 7 books and we got her on the podcast today to chat about a new book, "Movement Matters," and I will say this much about the interview, it has really continued to get me thinking about how I spend my day, and essentially on whether I'm moving or not, you know, and obviously, you know, I'm here now from a stand up desk. That's what I'm doing, recording this from, but what Katie was really stressing and getting across today is to actually look at the way we're actually not moving at all and stillness.

[00:01:30] Me in the standing desk, yes it is a solution from sitting down, but I can still remain still standing, which might not necessarily be helping the cause, and that's just got me thinking about that after the podcast anyway. I am going to be looking at Katie's work much more closely and how I bring more movement into my day. It's one thing I'm very passionate about, because ultimately what Katie will explain today is movement and exercise are 2 different things from a technical standpoint too.
[00:02:00] It will definitely get you thinking. There is loads of nuggets of wisdom in there, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it, and please let us know if you do. 2 things guys; hit me up on Snapchat. My username is guyl180 or even Instagram stories. It you will reach me. Let us know which content you're enjoying at the moment, you know, what podcast are you finding interesting, you know, we're always on the hunt to bring in more guests.

[00:02:30] We've got some phenomenal guests lined up over the next 2 months as well, which I'm very excited about, but ultimately as well we want to make sure that we're providing in value and content for you guys to listen to, as well as myself, cause you know, there's nothing that pleases me more than being able to reach out to some of these people and get them all, and be able to spend an hour with them and chat to them, and pick their brains really, and share across the channels.

[00:03:00] Yeah, please let us know if there is anyone in particular that ... Or the type of content we do, and cause we're exploring all avenues, because you might know I'm very passionate about meditation, but we're bringing in movement, and then, you know, mindset and obviously the health aspects as well. Yeah, let us know from that and of course, if you listen to this on a regular basis and you're not subscribed to our iTunes channel, we'd love it if you are. Just hit the subscribe button. 5 star it, if you think we're worth it. It really just helps rankings.

[00:03:30] I ask every week. I'll continue to ask, purely because it just helps drive this message out there more and more, and leave an honest review. We read them all. We do read them out now and then on the podcast. I'm not set up for it now. I completely forgot, because I was going to read one out, but I'll do it in the next episode. Anyway, let's go over to Katie Bowman, and all your support is greatly appreciated guys. Enjoy.

Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I'm joined with Stewart Cook. Hey Stewart?


Halo Guy.


Our lovely guest today is Katie Bowman. Katie welcome to the show.


Hey, thanks for having me.


[00:04:00] Fantastic. You know it's interesting Katie. Your name kept coming up on our podcast, sort of over the last 6 to 9 months, with different interviews, and I thought, "Wow. I've got to check this Katie out," and I looked on to your website, and I saw, "A day in the life of Katie Bowman," this great big blog post, and I thought that was absolutely fantastic, so I was hooked from that point on, and then obviously researched you, and you've currently come on today, so yeah, appreciate it mate. Thank you.


Oh very well.


[00:04:30] The first question is, just to ... Because I'm pretty sure we'll be exposing you to a new audience as well, if a stranger stopped you on the street and asked you what you did for a living, what would you say?


Well in one word I'm a Bio-mechanist, you know, career wise I'm a Bio-mechanist, but then that word usually requires lots of other words to explain what it is, but it's someone who studies the mechanical nature of living phenomenon.




Anything that's living Bio, so whether it's plants or animals or all of it together and mechanics, Newtonian Physics, pressure, forces, friction, but what are the mechanics of living systems, you know, living systems have rules, and everything living falls under the laws of the physical universe and what does that mean for how they work. That's what a Biomechanist is interested in, and then I personally studied human mechanics, you know, was my university training.

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This week welcome to the show Chris Kresser.s a globally recognized leader in the fields of ancestral health, Paleo nutrition, and functional and integrative medicine. He is the creator of Chris Kresser dot com, one of the top 25 natural health sites in the world, and the author of the New York Times best seller, Your Personal Paleo Code (published in paperback in December 2014 as The Paleo Cure). Chris has been studying, practicing, and teaching alternative medicine for more than fifteen years.

Chris’s work is informed by his own experience recovering from a chronic, complex illness which began while he was traveling in Southeast Asia in his early 20s. After seeing more than twenty doctors around the world and spending thousands of dollars in an effort to diagnose and treat his condition, Chris decided to take his health into his own hands.

Through extensive study and research, continual self-experimentation, and formal training in integrative medicine, he recovered from this debilitating illness and went on to share what he learned with others through his popular blog, podcast, and private practice.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • What is functional medicine and how does it address those problems?
  • How do genes and environmental factors play a part in our longterm health.
  • Gut health... is this a buzz word or do we need to carefully consider it.
  • What are the fundamental problems with conventional medicine?
  • What are your non-­negotiables, to be the best version of yourself?

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This week we are doing it with the awesome Chris Kresser.
[00:01:00] I was very excited to get Chris on the show. I've been listening to his podcast for quite some time, and he was just the perfect gentleman, a great guy, and insane amount of wealth and knowledge. Myself and Stu picked his brains for an hour and got stuck into all sorts of topics. If you're not familiar with Chris, he is a globally recognized leader in the fields of functional and integrative medicine. He's also the creator of chriskresser.com, which is one of the top 25 natural health sites in the world. He is also the author of the New York Times bestselling book, "Your Personal Paleo Code".

We got into Chris's own journey, how he got into the functional medicine in the first place, which was driven by his own issues and pain. Then from there, what he's learned along the way, and from diagnosis, and what exactly is functional medicine, and how we can apply it and how it can help us to live healthier and happier lives as well. I have no doubt you're going to enjoy the show guys.

[00:02:00] I just wanted to mention as well, if you haven't been back to our website, 180nutrition.com.eu, we're always updating it, and we've updated the actual website only a couple of weeks ago to make it much more user-friendly to find the content that's in there. We're constantly adding new products as well, ones that we believe and stand by. Not sure if you knew, but we've brought in a [180 Greens Plus 00:01:47] product. That's been doing fantastically well since we released that. We've also brought in [Alglutemine 00:01:53] as well, which is designed to help the small intestine, and also help recovery as well and muscle aches. It's worth getting over there, check out what we got guys, because they're all there, the tools that we use, and they're there to design to help you and serve your purpose so we can all improve our nutritional health, and ultimately live a happier life as well. Go back there to 180nutrition.com.eu. Anyway, let's go over to Chris Kresser. Enjoy.

[00:02:30] Hey, this is Guy Lawrence. I'm joined with Stewart Cook as always. Hi Stu. Good to see you there.


Hello Guy.


Our awesome guest today is Mr. Chris Kresser. Welcome to the show buddy.


Hey Guy, Stu. Happy to be here, thanks for inviting me.


Oh it's an honor, man.


Thanks for coming on.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're big fans of your work, and it's going to be great to dig in for the next hour, I tell you. What I've generally been doing lately, Chris, is asking two questions to kick off the show. The first one's a short one basically: If a stranger stopped you on the street and asked you what you did for a living, what would you say?


That really depends on who asks. It's a tricky question. I'll typically say that I train clinicians in functional medicine. Then they'll say, "What the heck is functional medicine," and we have a conversation about it. That really is how ... There are a lot of things that I do, but that's the thing that I'm most passionate about right now. That would probably be how I'd answer the question today, but six months ago I might have answered it a different way, and maybe in two years I'll answer it still a different way, we'll see.


Full Transcript & Video Version:


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This week we welcome back to the show Dr John Hart. Dr Hart runs a busy functional medicine practice specialising in brain health.

His passion for brain health led to the establishment of The Hart Clinic for brain health medicine. Dr Hart and his team have completed Dr Dale Bredesen's practitioner training at The Buck Institute for Research on Aging, and offer patients access to this groundbreaking protocol which has been shown to reverse early Alzheimer's disease.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • Dementia - what is it?
  • How does it happen, what are the causes?
  • Can it be reversed, how?
  • Where does genetic inheritance fit into it?
  • How can we optimize brain function?

180 - Fuelled By Nature

Full range of products http://shop.180nutrition.com.au/

Hey, this is Guy Lawrence at 180 Nutrition and of course welcome to another great episode of The Health Sessions, where we're cutting through the confusion by connecting with the leading global health and wellness experts to share the best and the latest science and thinking guys to empower everyone to turn their health and lives around, including myself, because after recording this episode today it is certainly making me think about the future of where my health is going. It's an incredible episode. We welcome back to the show today Dr. John Hart, who is a longevity expert. We had him on the show probably over a year ago and I'd highly recommend you listen to that episode, too, if you haven't, because it really complements this one. Today we are tacking the topic of Alzheimer's and dementia and brain cognition in general, really, and it was absolutely fascinating.

[00:02:00] If you're not familiar with Dr. John Hart, he runs a very busy functional medicine practice specializing in brain health. His passion for brain health led to the establishment of The Hart Clinic for Brain Health Medicine, which we get to talk about today. Him and his team have completed Dr. Dale Bredesen's practitioner training at the Buck Institute of Research of Aging and are offering patients access to this groundbreaking protocol which has been shown to reverse early Alzheimer's disease. I can tell you what, guys, if you know anyone that is suffering with dementia or Alzheimer's, you have to listen to this episode and start implementing some practical advice that John says today, and if you have got a lot of sugar in your diet, I promise you after this episode I'm pretty sure you're going to be removing it - well, I hope so, anyway.

Today's episode just really reinforces the fact about removing processed foods, getting the sugars out of your diet, giving care to yourself, and getting all the basic fundamentals right to set you up well for the long term, because you know prevention is the greatest cure of all and listening to John today is just another fantastic reminder.

[00:03:00] We get a lot of emails with people coming in and struggling and confused about their diet and that's all we want to encourage is to bring them things back. If you are one of them people listening to this and you haven't checked out our product range on our website, go back and check it out, because especially our token 180 Superfood and our greens formula, and there's a couple of other key products there as well, are designed to help you eliminate bad food choices quickly and conveniently and give you all the nutrients, the fiber, the protein, the fats, the vitamins and minerals, all in one hit coming from a natural source. It's as simple as making a smoothie in the morning and replacing those processed foods. I can't stress it enough, and it we've seen it time and time and again, the moment people start doing that, start helping lower their inflammation and it can contribute to your health longer term as well.

We've also got dozens of recipes there, guys. Go and check them out. Lots of ideas. There's free eBooks on there. It's all set up to help you, along with these podcasts, to help you, empower you, so you can make better food choices as well, so make sure you go and check all that out back at 180Nutrition.com.au. Of course, they are available now in the USA and New Zealand as well. Let's go over to John Hart.

Hey, this is Guy Lawrence. I'm joined with Stuart Cooke as always. Hey Stu!


Hello Guy.


Our awesome guest today is Dr. John Hart. John, welcome to the show.


Thanks Guy, thanks for having us back. Stu, how are you doing?


Very well, thank you, John. Great to have you back on the show.


Yeah, it's been over a year mate. Time is flying, it's incredible. We're very much excited to get you back on the show, John, because the last episode you did with us did incredibly well and there was a wealth of information. We're looking forward to stuck into today's topic, which we haven't cover on the show either, believe it or not. It's going to be fantastic.

Now John, just to get all our listeners up to speed, would you mind just sort of filling in a little bit about yourself and what you do?


Sure. The area of medicine I work in is called functional medicine, which is looking at the root cause of chronic degenerative diseases that are by far the commonest problem in society now. It used to be up til about 100 years ago that most people died and suffered from infections and trauma, but we've controlled the environment now to the point that infections and trauma are no longer big problems. The big problems now are the chronic degenerative diseases that do damage a little bit every day that adds up over decades and eventually ends up manifesting as the things that commonly kill us - dementia, cancer, heart attack, stroke. Functional medicine is a branch of medicine that looks at the underlying causes of those diseases. Rather than just getting symptomatic control, it's going downstream, looking at the cause, fixing the cause, and then the symptoms go away.

Full Transcript Here:



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This week the roles are reversed as Guy and Stu get interviewed. This episode was taken from The Primal Shift Podcast.

Guy and Stu chat about health, the business of health and productivity hacks.

We Chat About:

  • What the go is with ice baths and controlled cold exposure
  • How the boys came to make their primal shift
  • And how they met, started their bro-mance and their nutrition empire
  • What makes their health business work so well
  • Why education and empowering people with knowledge is so important to them both (like with their health sessions podcasts)
  • Cutting through confusion, allowing for individualism and self-experimentation
  • What are the most common mistakes they see people making with their health and their expectations
  • Taking small steps and going from there
  • How the boys “walk their talk”, structure their day and manage everything they have going on with the business and their daily lives – Guy meditates, Stu makes sure he gets quality sleep
  • How Stu ensures a good night sleep – he shares his best tools and tips
  • Tips for switching off the internal business chatter
  • Guy’s best tips for forming the meditation habit
  • The relaxation response
  • Best productivity hacks – apps, planning, outsourcing, turning off notifications, checking email
  • What is one small thing people can do to get them moving in the right direction – in health and business
  • What’s coming up for 180 Nutrition?

Learn more: 180Nutrition.com.au



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This week we welcome to the show Rich Roll. A graduate of Stanford University and Cornell Law School, Rich is a 49-year old, accomplished vegan ultra-endurance athlete and former entertainment attorney turned full-time wellness & plant-based nutrition advocate, motivational speaker, husband, father of 4 and inspiration to people worldwide as a transformative example of courageous and healthy living.

He has also completed the EPIC5 CHALLENGE - a odyssey that entailed completing 5 ironman-distance triathlons on 5 islands of Hawaii in under a week....

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • What were the first steps you took in making health / nutritional changes?
  • Epic5 Challenge: Five Ironman events in one week. How and why? :)
  • What are the key factors we need to consider to be able to train at an elite level, when longevity is a priority?
  • You’ve got an amazing podcast. Why start one and what episodes have influenced your life the most?
  • Tell us about ‘Finding Ultra’. Who did you write it for and what can we expect?
  • What are your non-negotiables to be the best version of yourself?

Full Transcript & Video Version Here: http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/rich-roll-interview/

Hey, this is Guy Lawrence with 180 Nutrition, and welcome to another episode of the Health Sessions, where of course we're cutting through the confusion by connecting with leading global health and wellness experts, to share the best in latest science and thinking, and empowering everyone that we possibly can to turn their health and lives around. This week, our fantastic guest is Mr. Rich Roll. Now, if you're not familiar with Rich, he is a [sheer guy 00:00:31], full of inspiration, I can assure you.

He became a number one best selling author, I think back in 2012, with his book Finding Ultra. He's got a whole amazing story prior to that as well, of transformation, that we get into, into the podcast today. He's got a hit podcast called the Rich Roll Podcast, which is always seen the top of the charts here in Australia, and he's doing amazing things in the USA with the podcast as well, so we're highly recommending you'll check that out after listening to this, no doubt.

He's well known for doing what was called the Epic 5 challenge. Basically, it's completing five Ironman distance triathlons on five islands of Hawaii in under a week. I think he did that. He said two years prior to that he didn't even ride a bike, so it's a true transformational story. It's amazing what Rich has gone on and achieved. He's become a phenomenal athlete, and a plant-based athlete at well. He's also been featured in, let me think now, CNN, Los Angeles Times, Sunday Magazine, the Huffington Post, Stanford Magazine, Men's Health Living, to name a few. He's done whole retreats as well, all around the world, and he's just doing great things. It was great to actually sit down with Rich for what was it, 45 minutes, an hour today, and pick his brains and discuss all these amazing topics.

We'll get over to that. I just want to read out a iTunes review that came in recently, because I actually thought it was fantastic advice as well. That was by Penny of PB Lifestyles. Penny, I even checked out your website, mate. You're doing fantastic things, traveling around the world, inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle. Well done, mate. Keep it up. It basically says, "Guy and Stu, thanks so much for helping to make this world a better place. I love that you're not like some of the wellness communities are, and I love the variety of guests you've interviewed. I'm trying to take just one actionable item away from each podcast." So are we, Penny, so are we.

"I think if everyone did that, worked on one take away from each episode, then they would help to not only make themselves healthier, but more present individuals, but contribute to a more peaceful world." We believe the same thing, and reviews like that really give us a kick and inspire us to keep searching the globe for the best possible people we can have on this podcast, and share it with everyone, so much appreciated. Guys, if you do get the chance to leave a review, please do. It takes two minutes on iTunes, and helps us spread these podcasts, which of course are free for everyone, across and get us found globally, which is the grand plan, and we're slowly getting there. Any feedback too, is greatly appreciated. Anyway, let's go over to Rich Roll. Enjoy.

Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I'm joined with Stuart Cooke, as always. Hey, Stuart.


Hello, mate.


Good to see you, mate. Our awesome guest today is Rich Roll. Rich, welcome to the podcast.


Great to be here, guys. Really excited to talk to you today. Thanks for having me.


Oh look, it's truly appreciated, honestly. We kick off the show, I seem to be asking the same question every show lately, which is a good way to start. If a complete stranger stopped you on the street, Rich, and then said, "What do you do for a living, mate?" How would you answer that?


I always struggle with this question. I never know quite how to answer it, but I guess the best answer is to say that I'm an athlete, I'm an author, I'm a wellness advocate. I do lots of different things. I host a podcast, I write books, I blog, I vlog. Kind of omnipresent on the internet, but basically all pivoting around trying to help people unlock their best selves, and doing that through fitness, nutrition, and meditation and other areas of self-improvement.


You're not the only one that struggles with that question either, mate. It seems to be the guests we're having on the show lately. Look, I've got a sneaking suspicion we're going to be exposing you to a lot of new listeners on our show, and the one thing we love doing is delving into the background a little bit of the history of Rich Roll. I've been certainly looking into you a lot more this week, mate, and you've been on a fascinating journey. It's quite incredible. I was wondering, would you mind taking us back a bit and touching on what you used to do, to yeah, the changes you've been making, and the epiphanies along the way, I guess?


 Full Transcript & Video Version Here: http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/rich-roll-interview/


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This week we welcome back to the show Donal O'Neill. The man behind the movies Cereal Killers & CK2 - Run On Fat, is here to discuss his new movie: The Big Fat Fix.

“The Big Fat Fix” is an independent co-production between Donal and cardiologist Aseem Malhotra. In the movie, they travel to Pioppi in southern Italy where the residents enjoy longevity and a healthy old-age with low rates of heart disease, diabetes and dementia. With their discoveries in Pioppi, they offer practical solutions to preventing and reversing diet-related disease.

Having financed the movie with a successful crowdfunding campaign backed by Jamie Oliver and supportive articles in the New York Times and Men’s Health, the content of the movie is 100% free from any commercial influence.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • You premiered in British Parliament - how did that happen and what was the reaction?
  • Beyond travelling to Italy, how much science is behind the findings and recommendations within the movie?
  • Great to see the ‘move daily’ message in there. What have been your discoveries when it comes to exercise lifestyle and health?
  • After everything you’ve learned, what are you views on carbohydrate consumption?
  • What are your stress reduction strategies?

Full Transcript & Video: 


Hi, this is Guy Lawrence of 180 nutrition and welcome to this week's episode of health sessions where of course we have cut through the confusion by connecting with leading global health and wellness experts around the globe to share the latest science and thinking and empowering everyone including ourselves to turn our health and lives around. This week we are doing it with the awesome Donal O'Neil. If you are not familiar with Donal, we've had him on the podcast before and he's the man behind the documentaries 'Cereal Killers' and 'Cereal Killers To Run Off Fat.'

[00:01:00] We've got him back on the show today to discuss his new documentary, 'The Big Fat Fix.' I watched it the other day and it is awesome and I encourage everyone that listens to this show to go and check it out. Just rent it, download it, stream it, whatever, share it with your family because it is an awesome message. In this movie, he basically teams up with cardiologist Hassim [U-th-ra 00:00:54] from the UK and he takes him on a journey to a small forgotten village in Italy where the true secrets of the Mediterranean diet can be found.

The message I love from this movie, it's not only food, it's medicine, but lifestyle is medicine too. I thought they nailed the message really really well. Of course, then they show you how we can apply that message into our busy lives of today. We dive into it. You are going to love it. It was great to have Donal back on the show as well. If you do enjoy this episode, we've got a couple of other interviews that are very related because we've had Donal on before and other people from the cereal killers movie. Just remember Sammy [Inki-nen 00:01:36] and also [Me-ri-de-th 00:01:38] Lauren and Dr. Peter [Brook-na-sa 00:01:40]. They were all related to the other movie, so if you want to delve into this more and this message, just go and check those episodes back, but we will link on the show notes as well over at 180nutrition.com.au.

[00:02:00] Of course, don't forget guys, we are now distributing in New Zealand, so our products are available in New Zealand and the USA and I think Dubai is not far behind as we speak as well. If you are looking to clean up your diet and you are looking to improve your lifestyle as well, just head back over to 180 nutrition.com.au and there is a whole host of products; clean and ethical, ones that only we use and produce ourselves that can certainly help enhance your daily diet to bring in this way of life even more. Check them out when you can and of course drop us an email if you've got any questions.

Anyway, let's go over to Donal O'Neil. Enjoy.

Hi, this is Guy Laurence. I'm joined with Stewart Cook as always. Hey, Stu.


Hello mate. How are you.


Our awesome guest today is Donal O'Neil. Donal, welcome back to the show.


Thanks guys. Good to see you again.


Mate, did you know that you have actually just broke a new record for 180nutrition. The first person to come back on the show for the 3rd time in 4 years. Can you believe that.


I will take a bow ...


It's absolutely awesome to have you back on to discuss your new movie in a bit, 'The Big Fat Fix.' We watched it the other day and just thought again you've just nailed a fantastic message and if we can continue to spread the word for you mate, then we are happy to get behind it because you are doing awesome stuff Donal. Well done. Fantastic.


Much appreciated. Thank you.


Let's maybe touch on who's Donal O'Neil, just in case people ... We are picking up new listeners every week. I'm pretty sure maybe 50% of [inaudible 00:03:34] seen your movies from the past, but we could be exposed to a new audience today as well. How would you do your elevator pitch, mate? Who's Donal O'Neil in a snapshot?


[00:04:00] In a nutshell. I'm a former athlete who got very badly injured and got to the age of 30 and couldn't run any more. That's probably the first thing I would say about myself. About 6 years ago, my father had an unexpected heart attack. He too was an elite athlete and I wondered why the hell that happened. That curiosity led me to completely changing careers. I was in the tech industry prior to that and online marketing and I decided I want to tell a few stories about health and wellness and human performance and I flew to South Africa and fortunately bumped into one professor Timothy [Nokes 00:04:27] who just happens to be the greatest sports scientist on the planet.

[00:05:00] He was very generous with his time and his resources and we made a movie together called 'Cereal Killers.' That was back in 2013. Off the back of that, we followed up with phenomenal [inaudible 00:04:44] champion who contacted me off the back of 'Cereal Killers' to say that he too eats a low carbohydrate, high fat diet and was winning world [armor 00:04:53] title. We were on a bit of a role there and 'The Big Fat Fixer,' our third movie with the brilliant young British Cardiologist Hassim [Ma-la-ha-dra 00:05:02] takes a full circle into my 6 year investigation into health and lifestyle and longevity and human performance.

In a nutshell, that's ... That's actually not a nutshell, that's quite a lengthy nutshell.

Full Transcript & Video: 


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This week we welcome to the show Diane Sanfilippo. She is the owner and founder of Balanced Bites, a certified Nutrition Consultant, and two-time New York Times bestselling author of Practical Paleo,The 21-Day Sugar Detox and co-author of Mediterranean Paleo Cooking. Diane holds a B.S. from Syracuse University and is certified in holistic nutrition from Bauman College, holistic lifestyle coaching from the CHEK Institute, and Poliquin BioSignature Modulation. She writes for her popular health blog – balancedbites and is co-host of the top-rated weekly health podcast, “The Balanced Bites Podcast,” available free from iTunes.

On September 6th, 2016, Diane will release an updated and expanded 2nd edition of her runaway hit Practical Paleo which has sold over half a million copies and spent a total of 97 weeks on the New York Times bestsellers list.

Diane lives in San Francisco with her husband, Scott, and two fur kids.

Use Snapchat? Follow me at: GuyL180

Video Version & Full Transcript: http://180nutrition.com.au/nutrition/diane-sanfilippo-practical-paleo/

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • What does paleo mean to you?
  • Have your views regarding paleo changed at all since your book ‘Practical Paleo’ came out in 2012?
  • Why do so many people struggle to make long-lasting change when it comes to health and good eating habits?
  • How do we create healthy eating habits when our families are not onboard with the changes or have heard negative press regarding the paleo diet?
  • You’re a busy entrepreneur, how do you handle stress?

Hey. This is Guy Lawrence of 180 Nutrition. Of course, welcome to this week’s episode of the health sessions where we cut through the confusion by connecting with leading global health and wellness experts to share the best and the latest science and thinking, empowering people to turn their health and lives around. This week, we are doing it with Diana Sanfilippo, who is the best-selling author of this book that I actually happen to have with me, Practical Paleo. Now, this has been dubbed the Paleo Bible by readers everywhere. It came out, I think in 2012 and spent many many weeks on the New York Times’ Bestseller’s list. I think she has sold over 500,000 copies, which is pretty impressive.

[00:01:00] If you’re not familiar with Diane, she is owner, founder of Balanced Bites. She is also a certified nutrition consultant and of course the New York Times’ Bestselling Author. She got an impressive resume. It was awesome to have her on the show today. We literally dive into the topics of what does it mean to leave a practical paleo life, how she implements it in her lifestyle and what she has learned since the book has first come out. We get into, she is now releasing a revised edition of the book very soon by the time you’re hearing this podcast.

Also, why revise a book as opposed to writing a new one as well. I guess the four years in between, if any reveres a change. We’re getting into all sorts of topics including stress management, her exercise routines and all sorts. It was great. It was awesome to have her on the show. She is definitely a wealth of information and certainly making people think about the way they eat, which is what we are all for. Now, if you are listening to this on iTunes, if you could leave us a review, that would be fantastic. It just helps to spread the word. We want to get people listening to this for free, the reviews help us internationally as well.
[00:02:00] By subscribing in it as well, put five stars, so if you are enjoying these podcasts and consuming on a regular basis, a, it would be great to hear from you. Let us know. Also of course, help others find this podcast too. Yeah, we just love getting it out there. Anyway, let’s go over to the show and over to Diane. Enjoy.


Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I’m joined with Stu Cook as always. Hi Stu.


Hello mate.


Our lovely guest today is Diane Sanfilippo. Diane, welcome to the show.


Thanks for having me.


[00:03:00] I hope I got the surname correct. Now, before I get into the questions and start hitting you, I have to say, I’ve got your book here. My fiancee absolutely pulls this apart and loves it. I know she is very excited to know that you’re being interviewed today. That’s awesome, mate. It’s incredibly. Now, before we get into the book and everything else that you do, the first question I like to ask everyone on the show is if you were, say, at a bus stop and you were stopped by a complete stranger on the street and asked you what you did for a living, what would you say?


I always struggle with that question because I often don’t know how to describe what I do. Typically, these days, I say I’m an author. I write health and nutrition cookbooks, some thing to that effect.

It often depends on who is asking and what they might understand. If they’re someone much older who wouldn’t really get the whole online Internet-based business, programs and all of that. Typically, I do say I’m an author and I write nutrition-based cookbooks because that’s the bulk of it at this point, I suppose.

Video Version & Full Transcript: http://180nutrition.com.au/nutrition/diane-sanfilippo-practical-paleo/



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This week we welcome to the show Dr James Doty. No exaggeration, this is a journey of mammoth proportions. He’s been there, done it, worn a t-shirt!

He is a clinical professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at Stanford University, and the Director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, of which the Dalai Lama was the founding benefactor.

On top of his incredible resume, he's also a great guy and it was a true privilege to interview James. If you have not heard of James or his book 'Into The Magic Shop - A Neurosurgeons Quest To Discover The Mysteries Of The Brain & The Secrets Of The Heart', then you are in for a real treat! Sit back and enjoy as you discover the true magic that's within us all.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • Why write the book, and what  message do you hope readers will gain from it or take action with?
  • What were the magic tricks that Ruth taught you?
  • You mention (in the book) isolation and loneliness puts us at greater risk for early disease and death than smoking. Please explain.
  • You’re a successful entrepreneur, and you made a great deal of money and then lost it then gave it away. Can you share with us what happened and why did you do that?
  • What are your non-negotiables to be the best version of yourself?

Video Version & Transcript: http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/james-doty/


Hey. This is Guy Lawrence of 180 Nutrition. Welcome to this week’s episode of the Health Sessions where of course we are cutting through all the confusion by connecting with leading global health and wellness experts to share the best of the latest science and thinkering, empowering people to turn their health and lives around. Boy, do we have an episode for you today.

I’ve sure said in the past that I don’t like talking up the episodes too much, because I want the interview to just unfold as it goes and summarize your own conclusions from it, but it still ceases to amaze me till this day that sometimes you have a guest on, and you get simply blown away by it.

[00:01:00] Our special guest today is Dr. James Doty who is a neurosurgeon and a professor at the Stanford University in California. I’m not going to give too much away. It’s a long episode. I think it goes over for an hour. Relax, settle in, and let this journey unfold, because what James shares with you is a journey of mammoth proportions. He’s been there, done it, worn a t-shirt.

He’s written this book called, Into the Magic Shop which is a memoir of his life, and it’s a neurosurgeon’s quest to discover the mysteries of the brain, and the secrets of the heart. Keegan Smith from the Real Movement Project, a good mate of mine recommended it to me a few weeks back, and myself and my fiance sat down and read this thing within a week, and was blown away it.

[00:02:00] We reached out to James. He was kind enough to give up his time to come on the podcast to share his journey. His book has been read and endorsed by the Hoganas, the Dalai Lama, Arianna Huffington, to name a few, Dean Ornish. These guys are all praising it. This book has come out, and I’m sure in time this book is going to go absolutely viral, global and empower many, many people’s lives. I guarantee you’ll probably end up buying the book once you’ve read this, and I certainly recommend it. We would just want to push this to as many people as possible.

If you enjoy this episode, I’m going to ask you please share it with someone, because I truly think if somebody needs some inspiration, if they’re not in their best place, this podcast will help them, no doubt. It’s inspired me, no doubt too. Look, enjoy, let us know what you think, drop us an email, hit me up on Snapchat, or of course leave us a review. Let’s go for James Doty. Enjoy.

Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I’m joined with Stuart Cooke as always. Hi Stuart.


Hello Guy.


Our fantastic guest today is Dr. James Doty. James, welcome to the show.


Wonderful to be here with you too. I don’t know what time it is there, but it’s great to be with you.


It’s 9:00 in the morning James. It’s crystal clear outside, and we’re looking forward to a beautiful Friday. Good morning from Australia.



I reached out to you after reading your book. I think I read it within one week. I should give Keegan Smith a shout out as well, my friend because he recommended me this book a few weeks ago, and I loved the sound of it. He’s like, “You’ve got to check this book out.” Then I ordered it the next night, and myself and fiance literally read it in a week, and I was like, “Oh my God. This is fantastic.” Getting you on the show today is greatly appreciated. I just want to share that message with as many people as possible as well, so yeah, fantastic.

The first question I love to ask everyone James on the show is if you were on an aero-plane and a complete stranger sat next to you and asked you what you did a for a living, what would you say?


[00:04:00] Sometimes people will just engage in an idle conversation to be polite, and if that’s the case I simply tell them I’m a doctor. There is another subset of people though who clearly are sincerely interested. It’s not a matter of chit-chat, but they are truly interested in what you’re doing, or who you are. If I have a sense it’s that type of a person, I tell them that I have a deep interest in compassion, and in fact I study compassion, and how being compassionate or being of service can change ones life.

Video Version & Transcript: http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/james-doty/

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This week we welcome to the show Ben Greenfield. This interview was a lot of fun, whilst packed full of nuggets of wisdom. Ben is one seriously knowledgeable and passionate guy when it comes to hacking the human body for optimum performance.

He is a New York Times Bestselling author, coach, speaker, ex-bodybuilder and Ironman triathlete. His science-based approach to discovering a potent balance between health and performance has revolutionized the way thousands of athletes and exercise enthusiasts around the world live, train and eat. Enjoy...

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • It’s morning right now in Australia, what’s your morning routine look like?
  • If you had to give me an elevator pitch on ‘bad information’ regarding health what would it be?
  • Can you share any unconventional techniques to get better sleep?
  • What are the key factors we need to consider to be able to train at an elite level, when longevity is our main priority?
  • What does your daily diet look like these days?
  • What are your non-negotiables to be the best version of yourself?

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Hey, this is Guy Lawrence of 180 Nutrition and welcome to this week's episodes of the health sessions where, of course, we capture the confusion by connecting with leading global health and wellness experts to share the best and latest science thinking on empowering everyone to turn their health lives around.

[00:01:00] This week we are doing it with the awesome Mr. Ben Greenfield. Now, Ben, if you are not sure of who he is, the pitch is basically he's an ex-body builder, an iron man triathlete. He is a Spartan racer, coach, a speaker, and an author of the New York Times best seller book, Beyond Training - Mastering Endurance, Health and Life. He's also been voted one of the top 100 most influential people in health and fitness. It was a pleasure to have him on the show today. When we logged on, Ben was on a walking treadmill with his top off so that kind of sums up Ben and his passion for health and fitness, and everything that he does and shares his information very generously.

We covered so many topics today. He's an absolutely great guy, great sense of humor. We in from topics from sleep to hacking his morning routines to even ayahuasca. We touch on also how he has reduced his exercise routines as well and his training methods, even though he is still competing at a very high-end level. It was all fascinating stuff. Just sit back and enjoy, and you might have to listen to this twice because he has a wealth of information, no doubt.

Of course, you're always enjoying these episodes, and you're listening to them on a regular basis, all we ask in return is if you could leave a review on iTunes and, of course, hit the subscribe button and 5-star, and that just helps us continue to get these great podcasts out to people that might not have heard, or [inaudible 00:01:51] come across our information before, so all that's greatly appreciated.

Anyway, let's go over to Ben Greenfield. Enjoy.

[00:02:00] Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I'm joined with Stuart Cook, as always. Hey Stu.


Hello Mate.


Our awesome guest today is Mr. Ben Greenfield. Ben, welcome to the show.


Hey, do I need to say Mate, too? Do I need to say Hello Mate?


You can say-


I say you try, try ... Slip some words in there.


Whatcha do that [inaudible 00:02:20]/ No, dude mate, you do not want me ... I'll like digress into Chinese and Germany, a mash-up of, like, eight different languages. That's my problem. If I try to imitate one language, it just kind of makes a slow bleed downhill from there in complete chaos. So-

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Today's episode was recorded at the end of day 3 of the 4 day Wim Hof (The Ice Man) retreat in Melbourne Australia. 65 of us brave folk from all around the world to dived deep into Wim's methods of breathwork and cold exposure to have a greater understanding of our own physiology.

It was a life changing experience and one I will be forever grateful for.

This episode was recorded with Dave O'Brien, who is good friend and was one of the other participants. Dave is co-founder of 5th Element Wellness. A world class health and fitness facility based in Melbourne. http://www.5ew.com.au/

Brought to you by 180Nutrition.com.au

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This week we welcome to the show Damian Kristof. He has a wealth of experience with 20 years in the health industry. He’s a nutritionist, naturopath, and a chiropractor. He’s also a highly sought-after presenter and speaker in the wellness industry.

On top of that, he has two successful podcast; The Wellness Guys & 100 Not Out. We had a lot of fun delving into topics from his time in the blue zone (the island of Ikaria), to the chemical – physical – emotional components of stress, to his views on nutrition. Enjoy…

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • What are the philosophies behind chiropractic health, and should everyone have a checkup?
  • Stress. You talk about the emotional – chemical – physical components. Please explain.
  • What are your stress reduction strategies (For emotional – chemical – physical)?
  • You talk about nutritional care not ‘scare’. Please explain.
  • Ikaria – the island where people forget to die. What would be the top 5 things you learned from them?
  • What are your non-negotiable practices?

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Hi. This is Guy Lawrence of 180 Nutrition. Welcome to another episode of The Health Sessions, where we cut through the confusion by connecting with leading global health and wellness experts to share the best and the latest science and thinking, empowering people to turn their health and lives around.

We are doing it this week with the super fantastic Mr. Damian Kristof. I have to say, this was a killer of an episode. If you’re unfamiliar with Damian, he has a wealth of experience. He’s been working in the health industry for over 20 years. He’s a nutritionist, naturopath, and a chiropractor. He’s also a highly sought-after presenter and speaker in the wellness industry. I’ve seen him personally speak myself, and I thought he was amazing. His in-depth knowledge of the body, nervous system, food functions, and responses, it’s all in there and it’s all in today’s episode.

[00:01:00] We hit him up with all sorts of stuff, from chiropractic therapy, the importance of it, it’s had a bit of bad wrap lately in the press and stuff. We’re just interested in getting his take on it, and the whole spinal adjustment, stress. What else do we go into? We go into nutritional stuff, from what he calls we should be looking at nutritional care, not nutritional scare, which I love the whole concept as well. His recent trip to, forgive me if I can’t pronounce this correctly, Icaria, sorry, Damian, in Greece, where it’s a blue zone, where people are living the longest on Earth. He spent 10 days there, and what he learned from that experience, too.

[00:02:00] Sit back. This is going to be awesome conversation that we just had with him. I also want to give out a shout out to Alita T., who’s just left a review on our iTunes page. She says, “Just loving Guy’s podcasts, our guests’ interview style, wealth of knowledge, and passion for wellness. Oh, and the theme music.” That’s cool as well. That theme music took me ages to put together 4 years ago. Still going strong. “100 out of 10, Guy’s. Brilliant. Can’t think you enough.” I can’t think you enough either for a review like that. That’s really appreciated. As you always hear me say, these reviews help us get rank in iTunes and internationally, as well. Also by subscribing to your iTunes channel and 5 star rating. If you could just do one of them things if you remember, during our busy days, it just helps other people find these podcasts, too.

Anyway, let’s go over to Mr. Damian Kristof. Enjoy.

Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I’m joined by Stuart Cook, as always. Hi, Stu.


Hello mate.


Welcome, mate. Our awesome guest today is Mr. Damian Kristof. Damian, welcome to the show.


Hey, Stu. Great to be here. Thanks for having me.


[00:03:00] No worries, mate. It’s been a long time coming. I’m very excited to have you on. I’ve been doing my homework the last couple of days. I thought, “Boy, this boy has got a lot of strings in his bow.” You are a man of many talents, mate, and I’m looking forward to unearthing them today over the next 45 minutes or an hour, something like that.


There’s a bit to talk about, isn’t there? I saw your list of questions. I was like, “Wow, far out. There’s heaps there.” I’m happy with that. That’s great. I’m really looking forward to sharing with you guys. It has been a long time, but I’ve watched from afar what you guys have been up to, and I love it. Obviously, we’re traveling very similar paths, so this is potentially going to be great for everybody.


Yeah. I’ve always been kicking off the show lately, mate, with, if you were stopped by a complete stranger on the street, and they asked you what you did for a living, what would you say?


[00:04:00] On a Facebook stalker. That’s what I do for a living. Apart from that, I spend my whole life helping people do a better job with their health. That’s my modus operandi. I’m motivated by seeing people do a better job with their health. Obviously, I run Forage, which is my music company. I’m a chiropractor. I’m one of the wellness guys, so I’m with the podcast network The Wellness Catch. I speak around Australia non-stop on food and nutrition, lifestyle, stress, and all of the above.


Yeah, right. I actually found out last night, mate, and I had no idea about this, but you were actually a bit of a New Zealand TV celebrity at one stage, as well. Is that the case?


[00:05:00] Those were the days. That’s when I had hair. That was amazing. That was good fun, actually. I filmed a TV show while I was over in New Zealand that highlighted healthy living, and what people would call today paleo were the principles that I shared with people back then. Before paleo word was trendy, I was just sharing with people, “This is how you do good health.” That got a brand name. Now it’s called paleo. The TV show was called Downsize Me. For three and a bit years, we helped over 50 people lose more than 3 tons of weight.


Wow. That’s incredible. Just for our listeners as well, we always like to get a bit of background and a little bit of depth to whoever we bring on the show. Where are you from originally, and what led you into this whole world of health? You’re an extremely qualified guy, with all these different qualifications. There’s got to be a sheer passion there to go out and actually study and get all that, because it’s bloody hard work doing all that. Can you fill us in a bit?


[00:06:00] Yeah. I grew up in very humble beginnings. I grew up in a really poor neighborhood in a suburb in Melbourne called Dandenong. Dandenong is a really low socioeconomic area. At that time, we were 33 Ks from the city. We didn’t know that many other suburbs were in between, because we just didn’t travel. We used to have bread delivered to our house in a garbage bag by the St. Vincent de Paul. They would bring it to us, and we’d scrummage. We’d go to the bottom of the bag and see whether or not we could find ourselves a cheese roll, or a cheese and bacon roll. Even if it was 2 or 3 days, we’d whack it into a microwave, and that would make it fresh. That was my nutritional starting. That’s where it began.

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This week we welcome to the show Darya Rose of Summer Tomato. She has a PhD in neuroscience and she is also the author of her book called 'Foodist'. We get Darya on the show today to share a little bit about her journey and her relationship with chronic dieting in her teens and early twenties. We also discuss the lessons learned from this and how she changed her relationship with dieting and food, why she eats more food than ever and exercises less than when she used to 'diet'. We also dive into the topic of Vipassana, where you are silent for 10 days! Enjoy... Questions we ask in this episode:

  • You said, when you stopped dieting you lost weight… please explain
  • How can we cultivate healthy habits into a lifestyle?
  • What’s your take on stress and how do you deal with it? Any tips?
  • You’ve done a vipassana. What is it, and what did you learn from it?
  • What are your non-negotiable practices?
  • How much do you think our thoughts and the way we think about ourselves affect our overall health?

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This is Guy Lawrence on 180 nutrition and welcome to this week's episode of the health sessions. Where of course we cut through the confusion by connecting with leading global health and wellness expert to share the best or the latest science and thinking, empowering people to turn their health and lives around. This week we are doing it with the lovely Darya Rose of the Summer Tomato. She has a PhD in neuroscience and she is also the author of a book called Foodist. We get Darya on the show today to share a little bit about her journey and she talks about how she had this relationship with chronic dieting in her teens and early twenties and how she was always on some sort of diet. Then she'll discuss these steps she took to then turn it around and now she's on inspiring others to do the same thing. Especially those people that have similar relationships with food and dieting as well.

[00:01:00] It makes for a fascinating conversation, and I really enjoyed chatting to Darya today. We'll also get onto the topic of Vipassana, which is something I'm very curious about as well. I haven't done it yet but if you are unsure what that is, we are going to a great depth but essentially it's where you become silent for ten days. Which in this day and age is no easy feat I can assure you. I'm very much looking forward to get on with the show.

[00:02:00] Just to give you a heads up as well. By the time this goes live, I'm going to be very close to going to the Wim Hof iceman retreat in Melbourne. I'm very excited, I've been prepping myself for the last few months if you you've been following me on social media. That's explains why I've been getting nice bags and doing some crazy breath work as well. I will be covering it all on Snapchat for the five days I'm down there with Wim. If you want to see it behind the scenes and what it looks like and what I'm up to with Wim Hof and I think about forty nine other people, just hit me up on Snapchat. My username is GuyL180.

If you have any questions, please throw them at me because I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun and very interesting as well. The last thing, if you are enjoying our show on iTunes, all we ask you is that you subscribe to it, five star it and leave a review if you are enjoying it. Of course an honest review is always welcome. This just helps us make these episodes help reach other people so they can get the same information, as you are right now listening to these shows. Let's go over to Darya Rose, enjoy. Hi, this is Guy Lawrence, I'm joined by Stuart Cook as always, hi Stu.


Hello mate, how are you?


Our lovely guest today is Darya Rose. Darya, welcome to the show.


Thanks guys.


We appreciate you coming on Darya. I know the first question I've been asking everyone lately is if a complete stranger stopped you in the street and asked you what you did for a living, what would you say?


I practice this one all the time because I never know what to say because there is a like dumb answer and then there is a different dumb answer. Lately I've been telling I'm a health Jedi.

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Do you struggle to make meditation a daily practice? I know I did for many years. This podcast episode is to help inspire those who want to make meditation more of a practice for themselves.

For the past 18 months, meditation has become an important part of my life, but before that it eluded me for years, even though I felt like I wanted to do it. If that sounds familiar, then it is my wish that the 5 key factors I talk about will help you get meditation momentum like it did for me :)

If you enjoy this special episode or have any questions on the topic of meditation, come and hit me up on Snapchat: GuyL180 




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This week we welcome to the show Trevor Hendy, a former Australian surf Ironman champion and now wholistic life coach.

Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, Trevor won the Australian Surf Ironman Championship six times and came second on three occasions. He was unchallenged as “the Greatest Ironman in the World” – the pride of Australian Surf Life Saving. He was also inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame in 2000.

He is now a speaker, mentor and coach. His client list also includes some of the worlds sporting and business elite. He mixes his experience as a counselor, life coach, sporting coach and elite athlete to guide everyone he works with to bigger and better things. He specialises in connecting with his clients at a deep enough level to find the personal negatives holding them back and unleash the passion they need to “go the whole way”.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • Was it a difficult transition from Ironman
  • Champion to embarking on a new career?
  • What does the Soul, Mind and Body connection mean to you?
  • What one thing/strategy/practice has enhanced your life the most?
  • What are your non-negotiable practices?
  • What foods do you eat and what foods do you avoid?

Video & Full Transcript:


Trevor, welcome to the show.


Thanks Guy, good to be here mate.


I appreciate it. The first question I have been asking everyone recently on our podcast is if a complete stranger came up to you on the street and asked you what you did for a living, what would you say?

[00:03:00] That is a really funny one to ask me because all my family and my friends often laugh about this because I have trouble answering it. The reason being what I do is I explain it differently every time. I help people release their baggage and get out of that unconscious stream and [inaudible 00:03:11] and that sort of troublesome place where it is us against the world and we better compete and fight for everything.

I help people get out of that and into their flow, where their natural state is, where their natural being is and to be really able to appreciate life in every moment, rather than being on this timeline thing where the beauty is in the future, it's not right here now. That is what I do and I don't know how to explain it. I try and help ... I am helping people create more space in themselves, so maybe I am a space man? It is kind of like ... I often say holistic life coach.


[00:04:00] Fantastic, fantastic. I appreciate it could have been a tough one actually. For all our listeners as well, because I am fully aware that I think over 30% of our listeners are actually worldwide, they are not from Australia so they might not be familiar with your past and your achievements and what you have done. Would you mind just taking us a little back to the beginning and sort of bring us up to speed. Not only were you an amazing Iron Man, I heard the other day as well that you actually spent a fair bit of time travelling, as a kid, with your family as well and I was fascinated by all that. Could you kind of fill us in a little bit so people get a feel for your background, Trevor?


Sure. I was born in Melbourne, Victoria and my dad was pretty brave. He came home one day when I was about three years old and said to my mum, "Look, I've worked out what I want to do, I want to pack up, sell the house and everything. I want to travel around Australia for a couple of years. I am hearing that everybody else is traveling around the world and seeing the world, but no one is seeing our own country."

[00:05:00] He wanted to give us that experience and he had, I think, an itchy feeling that he had the house and the wife and the kids and the picket fence and a couple of pets and I think he thought that that was not probably everything that he wanted, that there must have been something more. He had the perfect job and couple of qualifications. He was a builder and a mechanic and stuff like that, which is the perfect set up really because then what he did then was we sold the house, we traveled around Australia for two years from when I was 3 to 5 and my sister [inaudible 00:05:27] age, I was being role modeled by a father who was willing to go outside the status quo to give his family something that he just sensed there was something more.

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Get ready to strap yourself in, as our interview with this weeks awesome guest Dr Mario Martinez could quite possibly change the way you think about your health forever!

Dr Mario travelled the world interviewing people that are living happily over 100 hundred years old as he wanted to know what was their secret. Today he shares his discoveries in this fascinating interview and why he believes longevity is learned, not inherited.

Sit back and enjoy as we dive deep into what he calls 'The Mind-Body Code'.

Dr. Mario E. Martinez is a clinical neuropsychologist. In 1998 he developed his theory of Biocognitive Science based on research that demonstrates how thoughts and their biological expression coemerge within a cultural history.


Use Snapchat? Follow me at: GuyL180

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • You mentioned ‘Illnesses are learned; the causes of health are inherited’, please explain.
  • How much of our beliefs affect our immune system?
  • What have you learned by studying stress?
  • How do we change our beliefs?
  • What is the ‘abundance phobia’?
  • What are your non-negotiable practices?

Video Version & Full Transcript Here:


Welcome to today’s health sessions where of course we cut through the confusion by connecting with leading global health and wellness experts to share the best and the latest in science and thinking, empowering people to turn their health and lives around. Boy, do we have a pearl of an episode for you today.

Our special guest is Dr. Mario Martinez. To sum it up, I loved this episode and I love everything that he has to talk about. I’m not going to run long too much in this because I just want you to get into this topic and absorb it, and even listen to it twice or three times if you have to, to fully understand what Dr. Mario is saying because I think this information is crucial and we’re just not talking about it in the health industry enough.

[00:01:00] In a very, very confined nutshell, we talk about how longevity is actually learned, how we can actually learn to live longer and happier lives and how that affects our health as well. He talks about cultural beliefs to affecting even our immune system. Of course, if you’ve been listening to our podcast on a regular basis, we all know how crucial the immune system is to stay healthy. It’s just a fascinating topic. Dr. Mario is coming to Australia and New Zealand. He’s going to be in Auckland, Melbourne, and Sydney in mid-July. I’ll link to the show notes. Check it out. I’m going to go down to the workshop with Mario in July. I just think this is awesome stuff. If you have the opportunity, just go. Be open. Check it out because I really think it will help people empower themselves and to turn their lives around.
[00:02:00] We’re going to get into Mario. If you’re enjoying this episode, all I ask is if you can subscribe to our iTunes channel. That little subscription tells iTunes that hey, we’ve got a good podcast going on and it helps with our rankings. 5 star it. If you’re feeling really frisky and adventurous, leave a review. That’s all that we ask. We do these podcasts for nothing. We get them out there. We want as many people to listen to this information as possible. That would be greatly appreciated if you do that. Of course, come and hit me up in Snapchat. GuyL180 if you want to see anymore about what my day looks like. Anyway, let’s go over to Mario. Enjoy.

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This week we catch up with the lovely Crystal Fieldhouse, founder of ecology wholistic skin care. Crystal is a podcaster, mindfulness leader and real food advocate with super sensitive skin and a history of adult acne and eczema.

Her skin was always up and down. Clear or breaking out, calm or flaring up. So she knows how painful, embarrassing and frustrating it can be dealing with skin issues and finding skincare products that help to calm red, dry, itchy, flakey skin, so you can stop feeling self conscious and ashamed of problem skin.

When Crystal could not find a natural, chemical-free moisturiser that met her personal standards and didn’t irritate her sensitive skin, she spent 12 months researching and developing her own.

Use Snapchat? Follow me at: GuyL180 or https://www.snapchat.com/add/guyl180

Questions we ask:

  • Where are we going wrong with skincare? What should we do as a basic skincare regime?
  • What ingredients should we be looking to avoid in our skincare products?
  • Do chemical ingredients in high street skincare products ‘really’ enter our bloodstream?
  • How important is sunshine for great skin health? Tell us about your skincare routine. And much much more...

Video Version & Transcript:




Hey, this is Guy Lawrence of 180 Nutrition and welcome to another episode of the health sessions where we are cutting through to confusion by connecting with leading global health and wellness experts to share the best with the latest science thinking and empowering people to turn their health and lives around. This week we’re doing it with the lovely Crystal Fieldhouse. Crystal is the founder of Ecology Skin Care which was launched back in March 2014 after a year of research and development. Crystal is also a podcaster, a mindfulness leader and a real food advocate with super sensitive skin and history of acne and eczema.

[00:01:00] Over 15 years she tried anything and everything to try to fix her problem skin or to hide it. I know sensitive skin can be quite an issues. Crystal, eventually the pain, embarrassment and frustrations trying to find the natural chemical-free moisturizer that met her personal standards and didn’t irritate her sensitive skin. Later they spent 12 months researching and developing her own. We dive in for the next 45 minutes and hit Crystal with the a ton questions all around skin. If you do have skin sensitivities, eczema, dermatitis or whatever it might be, then this podcast you’re going to find this out a huge wealth of information.

[00:02:00] I also just want to do a quick shutout for the recent review on iTunes by [Jackma 00:01:31], “Such a quality Australian production, five stars.” That’s a big thank you, I really appreciate it. They say, “Fantastic interviews of local heroes in the health world as well as great international guests. I always learn something new.” All I can say is big thanks for the review, I appreciate it. Please keep them coming guys. If you’re not subscribed to our podcast, just hit the subscribe button and the five stars, it just helps with our rankings and it helps us to continue to get this message out there so more people can have this information freely available to them.

Anyway, let’s go over to Crystal. This is a fantastic interview. Enjoy.

Hi, this is Guy Lawrence, I’m joined by Stuart Cooke


Hello mate.


Our lovely guest today is Crystal Fieldhouse. Crystal, welcome to the podcast.


Thank you so much for having me on guys.

Guy: Look, it’s going to be a fantastic topic. We’re very excited to learn a few tips from you that’s for sure. The first question I’ll ask you is if you were in a bus stop and a complete stranger come up to you and say, “Oh, what do you do?” What would you say?

Crystal: What I do? I make my own skin care products. We make beautiful skin care for people with dry and sensitive skin, and we especially love helping people with eczema and dermatitis, so they’re really a problem skin.


Perfect. I always love to start with that question just to give people a bit of a wrap around. Take us on your journey a little bit if you mind Crystal, because I saw you speak, we spoke together at Tasmania a couple of years back and I know there’s a whole history behind everything, what’s brought you up today and actually created Ecology Skin Care. Would you mind taking us back from the beginning and filling everyone in about yourself and your own journey?


Yes, I’d love to. I’m a Kiwi living in Australia. We live down on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. I’m into good food and healthy living which is why we shared a stage. My husband and I, we started eating to a paleo whole food type template around five years ago now. I also find anything to do with the mind and psychology totally fascinating. I’m a big nerd. I studied neuroscience at uni so it’s followed me through. I worked in the gym industry and the pharmaceutical industry for many years, and now I have my own skin care brand, Ecology Skin Care.


What sparked that into the skin care in the first place?


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This week we catch up with Jason Wachob, founder of the health and wellness online media giants MindBodyGreen. The independent media brand is dedicated to wellness with over 10 million monthly unique visitors! He has been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Goop, and Vogue.

We cover his personal journey of health transformation inspired him to start MBG, his health discoveries, meditation, stress-reduction strategies, his brand-new book 'WellTH', the power of the breathe and even Wim Hof the Iceman!

Use Snapchat? Follow me at: GuyL180

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • What was the defining moment to make you reevaluate your own work-life-health balance?
  • What do you think will be the next big thing in wellness?
  • What ‘one thing’ do you think can have the most positive impact on our health?
  • Why did you write your new book - Wellth?
  • What does true wealth look like to you?
  • What are your non-negotiables to be the best version of yourself?
  • And much much more…

Video Version & Transcript: http://goo.gl/R15oxn

Hey, this is Guy Lawrence from 180 Nutrition and welcome to today's health session, where we cut through the confusion by connecting by leading global health and wellness experts to share the best and the latest science and thinking, empowering people to turn their health and lives around. We're doing it this week with the awesome Jason Wachob. He is the founder and CEO of mindbodygreen. If you're not familiar, they are a health and wellness company, media company, that is, and they now have I think over 12 million hits a month. They're big in the industry, they've influenced my life and they've influenced many people's lives around the globe with their message. It was fantastic to have Jason on today. We get into lots of topics, we discuss his new book, Wellth: How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Résumé. We also dive into his own personal journey, meditation, breath work, and how he actually manages as an entrepreneur with so many situations going on, keep everything and his health in check and all the rest of it. I thoroughly enjoyed today's interview. He's a top guy, and there's lots of wisdom for sure in this podcast, no doubt. If you're on Snapchat, I actually joined a couple of weeks ago, come and say hi. Just look at the user name GuyL180. That's my user name. Come and check it out, say hi. Always great to meet like-minded people. I share behind the scenes of what I'm doing, even with these podcasts, how I'm filming, what's in my day as well. I'm enjoying this so far, it's a lot of fun. Anyway, let's go over to Jason. Enjoy.

Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I'm joined with Stuart Cooke, as always, hi Stuart.

Stu: Hello, mate.

Guy: Our awesome guest today is Jason Wachob. Jason, welcome to the show.

Jason: Thanks for having me, guys. Guy: I really appreciate it. Jason, just to start the conversation. If you were sitting on an airplane and a complete stranger sat next to you and said, "Hi, what do you for a living?" How would you answer that?

Jason: Wow. I would say I run a health and wellness media company called mindbodygreen.

Guy: Perfect. My next question would be to you is just to get familiar with our listeners as well, is what is mind, body, and green, and what inspired you to start it in the first place, because it's obviously a big mission. Jason: Sure. I'll start with the story. I'm 6'7". I played basketball college a long time ago, I'm 41 now. Back then, this was 1998, there were no startups, guys like me either ... if they had grades, maybe they went to law school. If they had an aptitude for science and wanted to help people, they went to med school. Or if they had none of the above, they went to Wall Street, so I became a trader. Largely because I grew up with no money and always wanted money. I saw money as freedom, I saw money as something that I could pay off my college debt ... and so I went on to Wall Street and was able to do well enough to pay off my debt, bought my mother a car, probably a little freedom.

While that was happening, at the same time, finally I reached this financial success and it was the worst month of my life because a relationship was falling apart. Very sharp contrast, here all I want is money, and I'm miserable. I saw really quickly that money did not buy happiness. 9/11 happened a little after that here in America. It really changed my perspective and it sort of led me down this entrepreneurial path. Fast forward to about 7 or 8 years ago, I was running a startup, doing a lot of flying.

I flew almost 150,000 miles domestic in a year. 6'7" me, coach seat. Do the math, not so great. It turned out that I had an old basketball that was exacerbated by all the flying and stress. I was stressed in my mind at the time. I had two extruded discs pressing on my sciatic nerve, L4, L5, S1. My right leg was like a lightning rod. I could not walk, it was terrible. I went to a doctor, he said, "You need surgery. It's not negotiable." I don't think surgery's necessarily a bad thing, but it's just something I wanted to avoid. I sought a second opinion, and he said the same thing. Then it was almost like an afterthought, he said, "You know, maybe some yoga or therapy might help." I was like, "Okay, I'll give this yoga thing a shot." I started doing some really light yoga in the morning, in the evening, like 10-15 minutes. I started to feel better over the course of a few weeks, and over the course of a few months, I completely healed, so I never got surgery.

It was like, "Holy cow!" This started to get me down this path and I started to look at things like stress and the mind and nutrition and the environment and all these things played a role in health, and I was like, "Holy cow, everyone's got health wrong." It's not about just vanity and weight loss, it's this lifestyle. Mind, body, green. That's how I got the idea for mindbodygreen quite literally, so that's how it all started.

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This week we catch up with coach, author, speaker and physical therapist Kelly Starrett. If you are familiar with CrossFit or mobility, then Kelly needs no introduction. But if this is your first time, then you are in for a treat!

Kelly if the founder of Mobility Wod and he has revolutionized how athletes think about human movement and athletic performance.

And today we tap into Kelly's wisdom on how we can improve upon our own daily movement, avoid the sedentary trap and also discuss his new book Deskbound.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • How should we move if we want to live a long and pain-free life?
  • You mention performing ‘basic maintenance’ on ourselves, please explain...
  • Icing injuries and sprains... yes or no?
  • What are your thoughts on the 'Wim Hof Method' for recovery?
  • How do we combat sitting at our desk every day?
  • And much much more...

Video Verison & Transcript: http://goo.gl/qxUjgF

Welcome to today's health sessions and of course, where we're cutting through all the confusion by connecting with leading global health and wellness experts to share the best of the latest science and thinking and powering people to turn their health and lives around. Today's guest, we are doing it with Mr. Kelly Starrett.

I have no doubt there'll be listeners today that are familiar with Kelly, especially if you've been doing crossfit for a long time, but for you guys that might not be familiar with Kelly Starrett, he is the founder of Mobility WOD which is designed to help you hack your body's mechanics and provides the tools to preform basic maintenance on yourself, which I think we could all do and be a part of. I believe Kelly is one of the greatest innovators to connect movement with function today.

If you're not an athlete listening to this, there's heaps of wisdom in there so stick with it, and of course if you are a high end athlete, there'll be definitely things to make you reconsider how you train effectively and how you look after and condition the body accordingly as well. We get into also topics, we talk about his new book of course, Deskbound, which is in the mail for me as we speak. If there's one thing that bugs the shit out of me is the fact that I have to sit often so I'm constantly mixing it up, so he has some great wisdom on that for us today.

We also even get into Wim Hof and ice baths and even icing injuries, should we, shouldn't we, and so forth. It goes off in all directions but we made sure there's lots of [pills 00:01:39] of questions to get the most out of Kelly's experience and wisdom as he is a wealth of knowledge. I must say as well, Kelly, he's a big open guy, he's a real deal, he's full of life and he generally wants to make a difference in this world which is fantastic. It was great to have him on and I have no doubt you're going to enjoy today's podcast. One last thing, I've joined the world of Snapchat, believe it or not, yes, I know, but come and say hi on...

Snapchat to me, my username is GuyL180.

If you're on Snapchat, you're listening to this, come and hit me up, send me a message, ask me a question, I don't care. It'd just be good to reach out to you. Let's go over to Kelly Starrett, enjoy.

Hi, this is Guy Lawrence, I'm joined with Stuart Cook as always, Hi Stu. Stu:Hello, mate. Guy:Our awesome guest today is Kelly Starrett. Kelly, welcome to the show.

Kelly:Guys, thanks for having me.

Guy:Really appreciate it, mate. Now, I got a sneaking suspicion with our listeners, they'll be a split crew. 50% will know exactly who you are, what you do, and I reckon we'll be introducing you to a lot of new listeners which is excellent, we think. You've created an amazing community online over the years, through Mobility WOD. You've written three books, the third one's just coming out, is that correct?

Kelly:That's true. Guy:My first question is to you, can you take us on Kelly Starrett's journey a little bit from how it all began, how it all became to get into this point today, really, for the people that may be not familiar?

Video Verison & Transcript: http://goo.gl/qxUjgF


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This week we catch up with Nutritionist and Naturopath Lynda Griparic, and we dive into a topic not to often spoken at the dinner table... Constipation and bowel movements! In a world fixated on weight loss, quick fixes and calorie counting, we dive into why you really need to look under the hood! If you want amazing energy, less reaction to foods, be your ideal weight, glowing skin etc... It all starts here.

Knowing how your internal plumbing works and why regular bowel movements are crucial for long term health and how you look and feel on a daily basis.

About Lynda Griparic: Qualifications; Advanced Diploma of Naturopathic Medicine, Diploma of Nutrition, Yoga Teacher & smartDNA Genomic Wellness Practitioner.

"I am passionate about clean whole nutrition and it’s simple power to have a profound and positive effect on our energy, health and happiness. My own journey has taught me however, that nourishing the body with fresh, clean whole foods must also be supported by a practise of movement and play that gives sustenance to our body, mind, and spirit completely; sustaining greater energy, vitality, and connection with the world."

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • Discuss constipation & why are regular bowel movements so important?
  • Expand on the link between constipation and weight loss?
  • What foods would you recommend we eat or avoid to improve constipation?
  • Give us 5 tips to get make us more regular?
  • How much do you think stress and lifestyle play a part in constipation?
  • And much much more...

About Episode:

Welcome to today's Health Sessions where we cut through the confusion by connecting with leading global health and wellness experts, to share the best with the latest science in thinking, empowering people to turn their health and lives around. We're doing it this week with the lovely Linda Graparic. I'm allowed to say she's lovely because she's actually my fiance, so this is a very exciting episode for me to bring Linda into the forefront on the podcast. She is a wealth of knowledge and I can say that because I see single-handedly what she does. She's been a huge influence on my own personal life and the way I certainly think about health and how the body operates as well. She's a qualified naturopath and nutritionist.  

Actually, I've been pushing to get her on the podcast for a while and she's finally accepted. It's all been my idea to do this. We get into the topic today of constipation and gut health. Constipation is a little bit of a topic that I guess doesn't get talked about much but it is a vital part of the body human mechanisms and how we operate on a daily basis and the effect of not going to the toilet on a regular basis, what that can actually do to us. And of course gut health, which we've covered a bit in the past on the podcast and how these two interline. What fascinates me as well is, I pride myself on health ... We're doing these podcasts, we're meeting all of these amazing people and we're getting all this content out to you guys. 

One thing I do is have a stool test done once in a while and I had one done, literally, about three months ago and it came back really poorly, the results. I was really shocked. It's like, "What the hell?" I'm doing all these things right and I'm still susceptible to these things." Bacteria is an interesting thing. Parasites is an interesting thing. You can contract them from anywhere and they do affect you and they affect your body. My first tell-tale signs were my joints were starting to ache when I was at the gym and I'm like, "Something is not right." I had it tested and Lynda's been guiding me now, for the last three months, in overcoming this. Already, I'm feeling much better. I can feel my energy is increasing. I'm sleeping better.

I just want to put out there, if you're proactive, these are things definitely worth thinking about and we cover so many words of wisdom today. Strap yourself in. This is an awesome podcast, even if I'm bias by saying that. I have no doubt you're going to get a lot out of it. I just want to touch on a couple of things as well. First of all, I've moved to Snapchat. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell it is but if you are on Snapchat, hit me up, ask me questions, reach out to me. My user name is guyl180. If you're on Snapchat, come and say hi. I just wanted to mention as well that our podcasts are shot in video as well. It is only in Skype format but ultimately we transcribe them as well so they can be read.

All the links are there for the resources and of course you get to see our pretty faces for an hour if you feel like sitting down, if you're not out and about walking. They're worth checking out and if you want to keep up to the latest, simply just subscribe to our email, where we bring content to you every week. Ninety-five percent of the content we actually put out and do is ... Everything we do, ninety-five percent of it is free. We want to empower you to have the best wellness and health possible, so you can put them choices in for yourself, making choices, and proactively move forward, knowing that you're doing the right things. 


Video Version & Transcript Here:



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This week we catch up with BBC journalist Dr Michael Mosley. He shares with us his discoveries when it comes to exercise, calorie counting and why it's not the best approach to shift that abdominal fat.

Note: We are all huge fans of exercise and incorporate it into our lives most days. But we feel it's important to understand the relationship between exercise and weight loss.

About Michael Mosley: Michael Mosley is a British television journalist, producer and presenter who has worked for the BBC for many years. He is also host of SBS's Trust Me, I'm a Doctor series and best selling author including 'The 8-Week Blood Sugar Die't and 'The Fast Diet'.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • What sparked your curiosity to explore using nutrition over medication?
  • What can we do to prevent diabetes before it ever becomes a problem?
  • Is exercise of any benefit where our weight is concerned?
  • Please describe the basic principals of the BSD (blood sugar diet)
  • What are the tell-tale signs of pre-diabetes?
  • And much much more...

Watch this interview in video here: http://goo.gl/vWykhc

Grab your FREE turnaround health pack today: http://goo.gl/vI5vMa


Welcome to another episode of the Health Sessions, where of course we cut through the confusion by connecting with leading global health awareness experts to share the best, the latest science thinking empowering people to turn their health and lives around. On this week’s episode, we are doing it with doctor Michel Mosley.

Now if you are not familiar with doctor Michael Mosley, he's a British television journalist, producer and presenter who has worked for the BBC for many, many years. He's probably best known as a presenter of television programs on biology of medicine, and has regular appearances on The One Show. More recently he's been well known for the 5:2 diet which is regarding intermittent fasting and its relationship to help turning diabetes around on pre-diabetics.

More recently as well he's just released a book called the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet which again is a about calorie restriction and reversing diabetes. Now, we get into all sorts of topics today. Whether you are diabetic or not, it doesn't matter. There's nuggets of information right throughout the broadcast. If you do know people that might potentially be diabetic, or pre-diabetic, then it's certainly a podcast you should want to share with them, to help educate people to make better and informed choices.

Because he really shares some interesting discoveries along his way that he's found over the years, and being a journalist he's a prolific researcher, and he goes into his own journey today as well, because Michael himself was diagnosed pre-diabetic. I think it was back in 2012, and of course being a doctor and on TV show, it came as a bit of a shock to him. He started looking at it and hence why these books have come out and his own experiments. He talks about how he's incorporated into his life as well. His interesting thoughts around exercise as well and how sometimes less is more, and the things he does just to maintain his health and how his thoughts around the diet and the food we eat has changed a lot of over the years. I know he will be actually preaching to the converted, or to a lot of our listeners on the regular podcast.

Sit back, I've no doubt you are going to thoroughly enjoy this episode with Michael Mosley today. Of course if you are enjoying our episodes, just subscribe them, and hit the 5 star on iTunes. That helps with rankings and of course leave a comment as well if you like, always great to hear from you, but drop us an email as well. Tell us how these podcasts are affecting you, and if there's anything that you are learning from it, we love hearing from you guys. It really helps us knowing that we are reaching many people, actually bringing up this information and empower themselves, to change their own lives and turn them around which is fantastic. Anyway, I'm going to stop talking now. Let’s go back to my doctor Michael Mosley.

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About Ocean Robbins: Grandson to Irvine Robbins, the founder of Baskin-Robbins (31 flavours) ice cream company. His father John walked away from the Baskin-Robbins empire. He had money, prestige, and security, along with an ice cream shaped swimming pool in the back yard. He simply didn't want to devote his life to selling ice cream after realizing it makes people unhealthy.

Inspired by his family events and his own upbringing, Ocean has spoken in person to more than 200,000 people in schools, conferences and events, and he has organized 100+ seminars and gatherings for leaders from 65+ nations. Ocean's work has taken him all over the world, where he has seen first-hand the powerful impact of the food we eat - not just on our health, but on people and economies everywhere.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • Please share how your families journey fuels your work today.
  • Why do we need a food revolution?
  • How necessary is organic food?
  • What simple steps can we take to make a longterm difference with a global crisis
  • What are your thoughts on GMO’s?
  • And much much more...

Video Version & Transcript Here --> http://goo.gl/RjK6JR



Hi this Guy at 180 Nutrition and welcome today’s health sessions where we are cutting through the confusion by connecting with leading global health and wellness experts to share the best of the latest science and thinking empowering people to turn their health and lives around. This week we’re doing it with Ocean Robbins. He was fantastic today and he is a ball of energy. Now, if you’re not familiar with who Ocean is, his grandfather was Irvine Robbins who was the founder of Baskin and Robbins ice cream company in America. Yes, a little ice cream company you might have heard of. His father ended up walking away from the whole empire in his 20′s and felt like he wanted to do more good in the world and ended up writing a best selling book called The Food Revolution. Now Ocean then, has come along and co-founded The Food Revolution Network which I think he said started in 2012. Where they’re looking at pretty much what the hell is going on in our food chain and food supply globally. Looking at the politics from the side view as well. 

Amazing topic today, Ocean shares so much of his wisdom. We talk about obviously the food revolution. What is it? What’s going on? We discuss GMOs, organics. What’s happening to our food supply. Corporate interests. What I loved about Ocean today, he really broke it down and kept it onto a level that will relate to us all. I don’t know about you, but for me personally we can feel so disconnected from the bigger political things that are going on in the world. Ocean really gets it across fantastic today, so I have no doubt you’re going to get a lot out of this podcast. 

Now, I always ask for a review every week, and I’m going to do so again. There’s been some fantastic reviews coming in on the show of lately on iTunes. If you could take two minutes to leave us a review. Let us know how these podcasts are helping you. Where you listen to them too? Obviously give us some honest feedback as well. We greatly appreciate every single one. We read them all. Yeah, it’s just going to help us get this word out there, and continue to empower people to make their own decisions with their lives moving forward and make better health choices. Awesome. Let’s go over Ocean Robbins. Enjoy. Okay cool. Hi this is Guy Lawrence. I’m joined with Stuart Cook as always. Hi Stuart.

Stu:Hello mate.

Guy:Our awesome guest today is Ocean Robbins. Ocean, welcome to the show.

Ocean:Well thanks so much. My pleasure to be with you.

Guy:Yeah this is fantastic. What I thought Ocean, I’d start with a small detail first. If someone stopped you on the street, a complete stranger, and asked you, “What do you do?” what would you say?

Ocean:Oh my goodness. I would say that I have the best job in the world, which is, I get to help people be healthy. I get to help people say goodbye to some of their aches and pains, and excess pounds. To step into a healthier life. A life where our food choices become an expansion of our values and what really want for our lives and our future. I get to help people break free from suffering and a toxic food culture and step into the life that they want and deserve. I do that through running the Food Revolution Network, which is an online community of 250,000 members working globally for a real food revolution in our own personal lives and on our planet.

Guy:Yeah, amazing, amazing. That’s such a community Ocean. For our listeners, we always kick off the show about the discussing the journey, the background a little bit. I would love to hear a little bit about your own personal journey, your family story, and everything that’s kind of fueling this revolution that you’re doing today. Would you mind sort of taking us through it all?

Ocean:Absolutely. My grandfather founded an ice cream company. It was called Baskin-Robbins, 31 flavors. My dad grew up with an ice cream cone shaped swimming pool in the back yard, and 31 flavors of ice cream in the freezer. He was being groomed to one day join and running the family company, but when he was offered that chance in his early 20s he said, no. He walked away from huge amounts of fame and fortune, because he wanted to follow his own rocky road. He actually ended up becoming a best selling author on food and health issues. He ended up speaking out, the media called him the rebel without a cone. Low and behold, his books became best sellers. 

My own grandfather, his dad, ended up kind of on death’s door being handed a copy of my dad’s books by his doctors. Told, “Mr. Robbins if you want to live, I recommend you read this.” He did, turned his life around, lost 30 pounds, got off all of 7his high blood pressure and diabetes medications, golf game improved seven strokes, added another 20 more healthy years to his life. We’ve seen in our own family the incredible power that food choices can have to harm and to heal. My dad continued as a best selling author, speaking, organizing for a food revolution for decades. I, when I was 16 inspired by his example, founded a non-profit organization and worked with young leaders all over the planet for peace and justice and human rights, and sustainability. 

I work with leaders in over 65 countries. As I traveled the globe and work with people for 20 years directing the non profit, I saw that everybody eats, and that what we eat is having this huge impact. That the American sort of diet, the KFC’s and McDonald’s, and Coca Cola’s. The ways of growing food with all the pesticides and GMOs, all this is being exported around the world. As people give up their traditional ways of life, and their traditional ways of eating, their waistlines are expanding, their medical bills are going up, they’re getting more sick, they’re getting, quite frankly, more [inaudible 00:05:32]. I love being an American but an industry guard. I want to send out a warning to the world. Like we know where this path goes, right? We spend 19% of our gross domestic product on disease treatment in my country. A third of our kids expect to get diabetes and two-thirds of our population is overweight or obese.

Guy:That’s huge.

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I love this interview with Lee Holmes. She tells us about her battle with an autoimmune disease and how she overcame it. On diagnosis, the doctors heavily prescribed her pharmaceutical drugs and told her that nutrition played no part in her recovery (while she was fed stale white bread in hospital as part of her diet!).

About Lee Holmes: She is an holistic nutritionist, a qualified wholefoods chef and wellness coach. She is also the founder of Supercharged Food, which is a website that stemmed from a need to share easy and simple recipes after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease; fibromyalgia and changing her diet to help improve her symptoms.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • Please share your journey and history with your autoimmune disease.
  • What led you to investigate nutrition as a healing protocol and use food as medicine?
  • What were the foods/food groups that you eliminated as part of your healing process?
  • We’d love to talk about your Ayurvedic journey…  first up – what is Ayurveda?
  • If someone suspects their gut is not healthy, what three tips would you give them to start their own healing journey?
  • And much much more…


Video Version Here: http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/lee-holmes-supercharged-food/


welcome to this week's health sessions, where we cut through the confusion by connecting with leading global health and well experts to share the best of the latest science and thinking empowering people to turn their health and lives around. We're doing it this week with our fantastic guest Lee Holmes, who is the co-founder of Supercharged Food. She has an amazing story to tell. She was diagnosed with an autoim-, get my words out, autoimmune disease probably, I think it was 5 or 6 years ago. When she went to the doctors they wanted to prescribe her medication, and told her that she could potentially go on it for the rest of her life. She had a big wake-up call and decided to take the more holistic route, and 5 to 6 years on she has been doing fantastically well and has been spreading the word of healthy nutrition, gut health, et cetera. 

We tap into Lee's wisdom today, if you like, on Ayurvedic journey as well, which was very fascinating in how that can apply to us, and the steps she took to also heal her own gut where she believes, and I believe too, that most of our health issues can come from as well. She also shares some great tips for anyone starting out on their own gut health journey ... So how we can apply it into our today's lives. So lots of great content in there, and I have no doubt you're going to get a huge amount out of this. As always, as well, I'm going to ask if you wouldn't mind leaving a review, subscribing to us and hitting the 5 star. Super important on iTunes, it basically helps us bring all this message on wellness to millions as we've made it our mission to turning lives around. And if you're really enjoying the podcast and you do get something out of it, I'd be greatly appreciative. You just take 30 seconds to do that for us, and that will help reach other people too. So let's go over to Lee Holmes, enjoy the episode. Thank you.


Full transcript: http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/lee-holmes-supercharged-food/


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Do you know someone taking statin drugs or has concerns regarding their cholesterol? If so then this interview is a must!

Our awesome guest this week is Justin Smith.  He's the man behind the documentaries Statin Nation and Statin Nation II which are documentary films about cholesterol and cholesterol lowering medications.

Have we got it all wrong? In the short video above we discuss the major concerns of having your cholesterol too low and the health risks that go with it.

More than 40 million people around the world are currently taking medications to lower their cholesterol level. But an increasing number of doctors and researchers are questioning the supposed link between cholesterol and heart disease.

29 billion dollars is a conservative estimate of the current value of the cholesterol-lowering industry.

Learn More about 180 Nutrition: http://180nutrition.com.au/about-us/

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • What advice would you give to anyone who is currently taking statin drugs?
  • In your opinion what really causes heart disease?
  • What are the most common side-effects of statin drugs?
  • Could we really be so wrong when it comes to cholesterol and heart disease?
  • How does the Director of Statin Nation eat?
  • And much much more...

Our awesome guest today is Justin Smith, Justin welcome to the show. Justin: Thank you very much, great to be here.

Guy: Mate I just realized this morning that you are our fourth documentary maker to come on the show. They’ve always said the same thing like when they started out they had this great idea and they went boy, that’s a lot of hard work. My first question to you is just for our listeners who might not be familiar, what led you in the first place to actually think about starting to make a documentary?

Justin: Well it was a surprise to me, because a number of years ago if someone said you’ll end up making documentary films I would have said, oh you are [00:03:00] crazy, that’s never going to happen. I got into this through the issue really

because I was working a number of years ago as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Through my own independent research, I became aware of the cholesterol myths, and all the myths associated with the fact that
we … Well we are told that we all need a low fat diet. I just found out when working with clients that didn’t work for a huge number of clients, so that prompted me to do my own research into it.

I came across … There is a doctrine in Sweden many people would already be aware of. Doctor [inaudible 00:03:28] and he of the classic [inaudible 00:03:48].

Guy: Sorry Justin, it’s breaking up a little bit.

Justin: Okay, so after reading [inaudible 00:03:55] Scott’s book, then eventually I [00:04:00] kept on doing my own … More of my own independent research, and that

led to me self publishing my own book about cholesterol. After publishing the book I was still very frustrated, because I wanted to get the information out to a lot more people, and they came up with the idea of making a documentary film. They had to contact some of the key researchers in that field, and I was actually relay surprised they all said yes, most of them said yes, and eventually got the first documentary together Statin Nation. That was really well received, so I went on then to make Statin Nation 2.

Guy: Statin Nation came out 2012, is that correct?

Justin: Yes, at the end of 2012 it was released online and then the DVD was available early 2013.

Guy: Yeah right yeah.
Justin: Then Statin Nation 2 was released in March 2015.

Stu: I got a story to share as well Justin, so I remember first stumbling upon

Statin Nation on the internet somewhere, and I ordered a copy of the DVD and saw it, and thought wow this is like radical stuff and really, really inspiring and thought provoking. Then because I live in Sydney and my parents are in the UK, and then I had a phone call with my parents, my mom and dad, and I said to my dad how are you doing? He said I’m okay, and there is my mom in the background, and she said tell him about the pills you are on, and I said, oh, well so tell me about these pills. He said, oh I have just been put on some medication to help because my cholesterol is really high.

He said I’m not feeling very well, he said my legs are really aching and I get

really, really tired, and I just don’t feel myself. I asked him what the name [00:06:00] of the pills were, and I did little bit of research and realized that they were Statin drug, and was shocked especially after watching the movie. I ordered a copy of the movie, and sent it to his house in the UK, and I said I want you to watch this and then I want you to give this to your doctor. He watched and he said, oh God I can’t believe this is just … This is crazy stuff. He did exactly that, he gave it to his doctor as well and his doctor watched it, and his doctor took my dad off the pills and said, I need to do some more research. Subsequently from this point forward like he’s been fine and all of the side effects that he was experiencing have disappeared.

Really, really thought provoking and just great to be able to point somebody to an independent impartial source to say, “Look, I’ve found this stuff, but you relay need to watch this and make up your own opinions,” so thanks so much for making the movie, it was excellent.

Full Transcript & Video Here:




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Dr Bruce Lipton: At Last, Scientific Proof of How Our Thoughts Can Make Us Healthy or Sick

“When you find yourself on a vicious cycle, for goodness sakes, stop peddling!” — Swami Beyondananda”
― Bruce H. Lipton, Cell Bilogist & Best Selling Author


Have you wondered how much our thoughts can determine our overall health? Does living in the states of love and happiness versus fear and anxiety impact us long term? This episode dives deep into how or our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions can directly affect our health.

Our awesome guest this week is Dr Bruce Lipton.  If you're not familiar with his work, then you would definitely in for an eye opening treat. He is internationally recognized leader in bridging Science and spirit together. He's a stem cell biologist, best selling author of the Biology of Belief and he has been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows as well as keynote presenters from national and international conferences all around the world.

I actually think it's probably one of the most important podcasts we have recorded to date. So sit back and enjoy the full interview with Dr Bruce Lipton. 

Some of his best selling books include - The Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution and The Honeymoon Effect.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • What is the biology of belief?
  • Is it true that 95% of our day is run by subconscious programing of our past?
  • How do we change the programing?
  • Are we a victim of our genetics?
  • How can we change our beliefs and perceptions?
  • What is 'super' learning?
  • And much much more...

Full Transcript Here: http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/bruce-lipton-interview/


Bruce: I am so happy to be here with you guys because you guys are putting out the word about how we can move into this world peaceably, happily and moving to the future. Thank you for this opportunity and also I want to thank you for letting me speak to your community because we have some wonderful things to talk about for self empowerment.

Guy: Oh, a hundred percent, a hundred percent. You know it's interesting and I have to ask you this question, because when people ask me how do you describe Bruce's work, I go, "Oh." You know, and I really have to think about it. My first question will be to you, if you are on an airplane and a complete stranger sat next to you and then asked you what did you do for a living, what would you say?

Bruce: I help people empower themselves to take back their control of their lives and to realize that they're not victims of forces outside of their control that they're actual masters of their lives. Since the lack of a certain amount of knowledge, they're not being able to effectively control themselves. You know, it's interesting there's a phrase called "knowledge is power" and yet there's a corollary that's very, it's much more relevant and that is "a lack of knowledge is a lack of power." We are powerless not because we're not powerful but we are powerless because of the programming and knowledge that we have received is actually disempowering for us as individuals.

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180 Nutrition 

Make no mistake, Christmas Abbott knows her stuff! With a wealth of life experience under her belt, she shares her wisdom at what it takes to be your best self in all endeavors. Her impressive resume includes athlete, author, speaker, business entrepreneur and a NASCAR pit crew front tire changer.

She was a self-destructive path when young, life intervened to set her on a whole new direction. Her mission now is to be the inspiration for others. So sit back and join us as we hang out and have fun with Christmas Abbott. Enjoy!

Questions we ask Christmas in this episode:

  • Tell us about your job in Iraq, were you close to the war?
  • What was the catalyst that led you to focus on your health?
  • How important is recovery for you and what strategies do you use?
  • Tell us about your book ‘The Badass Body Diet’
  • What are your 3 must-have’s to crush it in business?
  • What advice would you give to an 18yr old version of yourself who lacks direction?
  • And much much more...

Video version here: http://bit.ly/1QK77Vg


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180 Nutrition 


“When the voice and the vision on the inside is more profound, and more clear and loud than all opinions on the outside, you’ve begun to master your life”
John F. DemartiniPerformance and Behaviors Specialist


They say you learn more from your failures than you do your successes, so what better a topic to raise with a man who appears to achieve anything he puts his mind to. Find out what the determining factors are to knowing you are on the right path or not for any goal you want to go after in life.

Our awesome guest this week is Dr John F Demartini. Personally I think he's a rock star! He travels the world (360 days a year) inspiring millions of people to discover who they truly are, maximizing their potential and helping you love your life! Now who wouldn't want a piece of that?

Some of his best selling books include - The Breakthrough Experience, The Values Factor and Inspired Destiny.

About Dr Demartini. He is considered one of the world's leading authorities on human behavior and personal development. He is the founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research and education organization with a curriculum of over 72 different courses covering multiple aspects of human development.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • How important are our values to overall health & happiness?
  • Why do people self-sabotage where health is concerned (falling off the wagon etc.)?
  • How do we discover what our highest values are?
  • What are your top tips/strategies to us get out of ‘a rut’ and set us in the right direction?
  • Have there ever been any goals that have eluded you that you had to change strategy to achieve?
  • The movie The Secret is coming up to its 10th anniversary, What are your thoughts on the movie?
  • And much much more...


Full Interview & Transcript Here:




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180 Nutrition We were told recently that one in four woman show symptoms of an under-active thyroid! So we had no hesitation on focusing some of our podcast today on low thyroid function and some action steps you can start straight away to help.


Today we welcome backMichele Chevalley Hedge.Michele is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, (Adv. Dip of Nutritional Medicine, Australia Traditional Medicine Society) and the author of many health related articles. She also has proven strategies to incorporate good nutrition into a fast paced family, as the mother of three teenage children and her own busy practice. She can empathise with all types! A Healthy View recently has expanded Sydney operations to open in New York, with its new online family wellness program Low Sugar Lifestyle.


Questions we ask in this episode:

  • How can our hormones influence our weight?
  • What can we eat to nourish our hormones?
  • What supplements are beneficial for hormone health?
  • What are your thoughts on soy (milk/products) as it has been linked to hormone issues?
  • If you wanted to break your hormones what would you do?
  • And much much more...



Hey, this is Guy Lawrence from 180 nutrition and welcome to this week’s episode of “The Health Sessions.”

We welcome back today Michele Chevalley Hedge on the podcast and if you aren’t familiar with Michele and didn’t hear her podcast last year she is a nutritional medicine practitioner. She’s also author of “Beating Sugar Addictions for Dummies.” She’s been a contributor to the Huffington Post, Good Health Magazine, Women’s Fitness, The Sunday Telegraph, The Morning Herald, ABC Radio and Sunrise Channel Seven Weekend Breakfast Show to name a few. It’s actually much bigger than that.

She has a wealth of experience and we are very happy to get her back on the show today where we delve into the topic of hormones. Hormones we feel are a massive contributor to one’s health and how do we knock our hormones out of luck, how can we bring the back in, what influences it, what roles they play in the body.

Thyroids is a common issue, adrenals, cortisols, the list goes on, leptin, serotonin, melatonin. I’m just recapping the interview today but it was an awesome interview.

She shed so much light on the subject and if you are one of those people that is delving into health but are still trying to figure out getting a better night’s sleep, dropping a few kilos of weight and you doing things but still getting frustrated then this is definitely an area we encourage you to look at and as we share the strategies with you and tap into Michele’s wealth of experience today I have no doubt you are going to enjoy this episode.

If you do please leave us a review on iTunes, iAsk. It’s very simple to do, if you can hit the five stars, subscribe to our podcast and also leave the review that will help our rankings. More people can find us and tap into this great information that we love to put out there and share with you guys.

If you are struggling, most people have to do it from the phone. iTunes can be a little bit fiddly but when you open up the podcast app don’t go to your saved [00:02:00] episodes of 180, actually go to the search field, type in 180 nutrition, bring it up from there and then there’s a button where you can say write a review.

It takes two minutes to do and just tell us what’s been helping you, how you listen to the podcasts. We really truly love getting the feedback and love hearing from you guys and it’s more fugal to keep this out there because we’re reaching a lot of people and it’s definitely changing lives which is fantastic. Include the analysis as well.

Anyway let’s go over to Michelle and enjoy the show, cheers.

Stu:Let’s do it.

Guy:All right. His, this is Guy Lawrence, I’m joined with Stuart Cook as always, hi Stu?

Stu:Hello mate.

Guy:And our lovely guest today Michele Chevalley Hedge, Michele welcome back to the show.

Michele:Hello Stu, hello Guy, hello everybody out here.

Guy:Great to have you back Michele, obviously we were just offline talking about the podcast and we’re picking up more and more listeners every week, new listeners so I’m pretty sure they’ll be a lot of guys out there that happened to hear the previous podcast when you came in last year. Can you just describe for everyone a little bit about yourself, what you do and why we’re super excited to have you back in the show?

Michele:Sure, thank you. Thank you for having me back. I’m a qualified nutritionist and sometimes some of the well-known health editors or even doing a little bit of television will introduce me as Michele Chevalley Hedge, the modern day nutritionist, the nutritionist that likes a little bit of coffee and a little bit of wine and that initially made me very upset. I was like, “Oh no,” and then it really made me real.

That’s a really big part of our philosophy at A Healthy View, my practice, is that we are qualified nutritionists but we really understand real busy people and we like to have a non-extreme approach.

So besides having a busy practice [00:04:00] we also write for many different publications, The Huffington Post, Body and Soul, I wrote a book last year called “Beating Sugar Addictions for Dummies.” Wiley publishing out of New York City commissioned me to write that and I said, “Why ask me to write this? Why aren’t you asking Sarah Wilson and David Gillespie?”

I said, “They’re fantastic in these spaces,” which they are and they said, “Michele the reality is you’re a qualified nutritionist who has been talking about sugar way before sugar was sexy.” That was a lot of fun to write.

We ran programs, we ran retreats, do lots of corporate presenting, do lots of school presenting and so our specialty, our area of specialty is always been talking about sugar but we treat patients for all sorts of reasons, from hormonal dysfunction to weight to ADHD to cognitive dysfunction.

I’m very big in the area of mental health and nutrition. I’ve been speaking a lot on that. Last year I spoke with the Dalai Lama “Happiness and Its Causes,” vitality, energy and serotonin which I want to talk about today.

Guy:Great. Thanks Michele.

Stu:Michele you mentioned hormones as well and that’s the topic that we really want to cover today because a lot of people aren’t aware that their hormones could be holding them back where health is concerned and it can be a culprit in weight loss, weight gain, fatigue, sleep issues, autoimmunity. I wondered if you could just tell us about our hormones. Our listeners right now, what are they and why do we need to support them as we grow older?

Michele:I was so [inaudible 00:05:43] when I got your email to have this podcast and to specialize and talk about hormones because it’s an area of great interest to me.

I’m writing a book about resetting your hormones. [00:06:00] I’m thinking about the tittle could be “It Could Be Your Hormones: Weight, Sleep, Autoimmune.”

Hormones are the special chemical messengers in our body that are incredibly powerful and they affect everything that we do. They affect our sleep, they affect our weight, they affect our energy levels, they affect our autoimmune system, they affect our moods, emotions.

Just on a funny note any woman who has premenstrual tension or any newly pregnant woman who will have hormones firing around their body or any woman going into menopause will immediately know the power of hormones.

I laugh about those things and try to make jokes about them but hormones are incredibly powerful. But some of the ones that we would know even if you’re not in the world of nutritional wellness, things like cortisol, things like insulin, things like leptin, things like melatonin, progesterone, these are all hormones that we really need that for optimal health we need to be safeguarding these type of hormones and how they function in our body.

Guy:Fair enough, I was wondering like when you say [inaudible 00:07:22] what’s the general perception and awareness? You’re in the firing line, you see a lot of people in your practice and your talking. Are people that tuned in or aware about hormones and how they can govern the body from different things?

We see a lot of people inquiring about weight loss especially as you can imagine and they just assume it’s going to be hitting the gym, exercising, cutting up the calories and away we go but obviously it’s a much more complex issue than that.

Michele:I think Guy that that’s a great question. What I think is that as people tend to get [00:08:00] more into nutrition and wellness, they start to look beneath the surface a little bit of just food and start to think, “Wait a minute, what else could be possibly going on in my body?”

So we always say, “Let’s look beneath the surface. Let’s look at what’s happening with your thyroid hormones. Let’s look at what’s happening with your blood insulin hormones. Let’s look at what’s happening with your cortisol hormones.”

Can we Segway and just go into cortisol just for a moment?


Michele:Great. Here’s the thing about cortisol, people will think that they possibly can be gaining weight from food and the reality is yes, poor food choices will lead to insulin dis-regulation, blood sugar dis-regulation insulin being one of our hormones we really want to safeguard.

What happens is people are thinking that that’s all about food and poor food choices. However stress and if we wake up in the morning and we are going and going and going and going and our adrenal glands are on fire, our adrenal glands pump out our cortisol, our cortisol pumps out glucose and this is a wonderful mechanism in the body.

Human nature is amazing because thousands of years ago the body was meant to see a saber tooth tiger, our adrenals were meant to go on fire, our cortisol was meant to pump, our glucose was meant to pump out, kill the saber tooth tiger, glucose goes down, cortisol goes down, adrenal goes back to resting and say, “Thank you very much.”

These days we pop out of bed, we go, “Make somebody breakfast, feed the dog, get to the gym, I better do this, I better do that [00:10:00], oh my goodness, I’ve got the 10:30 meeting,” so we’re going and we’re going and we’re going and we’re going all day long.

I’m not living in ivory tower because this is myself sometimes but I have a very big observation that what’s happening to people is they are creating excess glucose around their body all day long and creating insulin resistance just from stress.

Guy:I was just about to ask you that, can you create excess glucose and spike insulin just from stress?


Full Transcript here:



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180 Nutrition Today we welcome Phillip Day. He is an author, investigative journalist and international speaker . His work revolves around uncovering the most effective treatments available today when it comes to chronic diseases and cancer. 

Some of books include - Cancer: Why We're Still Dying to Know the Truth, Health Wars & Simple Changes: 100 Ways to a Happier & Healthier Life



Questions we ask in this episode:

  • Is the medical system broken where disease is concerned?

  • Prescription drugs, do you think that they are the best method of curing any underlying problem?

  • What is cancer and how can we avoid it?

  • Is chemotherapy and radiation the most effective treatment for cancer?

  • Is cancer hereditary?

  • And much much more...




Hey this is Guy Lawrence from 180 Nutrition and welcome to today’s health sessions. We have another cracker of a guest here today and his name is Phillip Day. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, in a nutshell, he is an author, investigative journalist and international speaker and he mainly ... Mainly, his work revolves around uncovering the most effective treatments available today when it comes to chronic diseases in a nutshell and distributing that information to as many people as possible and he’s been doing it for many, many years.

He has a wealth of knowledge, top guy as well and I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing him along with Stu today. We delved mainly into the topic of cancer. He’s very well researched on it including what is cancer, what can we do about it? Is it hereditary? Looking at hospital treatments as well, we even go into other things like metabolic diseases as well, prescription drugs and the medical system itself. This is the podcast I will listen to many times I think.

I got a lot out of it and I think it’s a very important podcast too, so if you are aware of people that might [inaudible 00:01:05] might be suffering or they might have cancer and they are looking to expand their knowledge and awareness on the information that’s out there, this podcast would be a great one to share with them because I think Phillip really articulates it really well, the information he shares with us today. Now, we did film this at night because Phillip was in the UK.

If you’re wondering why Stu is looking a little bit dark on screen, that’s why but I actually thought it did his complexion justice so you’re not going to be disappointed on this and much there, sorry Stu, apologies in advance. Anyway, you’re going to love today’s podcast and if you do, please leave us a review on iTunes. It takes 2 minutes, it’s going to help increase our rankings and it’s going to help increase awareness to podcasts that I feel are super important just like this one.

If you are benefiting from the podcast, if you enjoy them, please just take 2 minutes out of your day, go over to iTunes onto 180 Nutrition [00:02:00] and just leave an honest review. That will be much appreciated and yeah, help us keep getting this word out there because we feel it’s super important. Anyway, this is a cracker of a podcast, let’s go over to Phillip Day. Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I’m joined with Stuart Cooke as always. Hey, Stu?

Stu: Hello mate.

Guy: Our awesome guest today is Phillip Day. Phillip, welcome to the show.

Phillip: Thank you guys, it’s good to be here.

Guy: Yeah, really appreciate it, very much looking forward to today’s topic. It’s one we’ve been very excited about and getting stuck into. Yeah, looking forward to you sharing your experience and wisdom over the years of what you’ve researched. Before we get into it, would you mind just sharing a little bit about your journey and where it all started for you and what led you down this path in the first place?

Phillip: Well, I was being groomed for big business. I went through a fabulous educational system in the UK and shortly after I left and came out into the big wide world, I had a terrible year when we lost 6 members of our family to cancer. 5 of them died of the chemical treatments, 4 of them committed an insane act posthumously [inaudible 00:03:12] large amounts of their estate to the cancer charities who gave that money back to the drug companies who killed them.

That focused me and I thought, “Hang on, we’re pulling literally millions and millions of pounds into the cancer research fraternity and yet, we don’t have the answer to cancer?” That got me on a bit of a quest and I came at this purely as a private citizen. I have no medical training at all. I came at this from a research standpoint and with the cancer industry, which is the first one I tackled and it’s like everything else. The [defew 00:03:45], degus, it smells.

Bit by bit, I began to piece together what the leading clinics in the world were doing which were getting the results that we all so badly desired, and why the mainline cancer industry or the mainline [00:04:00] oncological system was failing so abysmally. That changed my life basically and I haven’t really turned back since.

Guy: Yeah, and how long has that journey been for you Phillip?

Phillip: 30 years.

Guy: Wow!

Phillip: I’m going to have to go to my old job one day I think.

Stu: Don’t do it.

Phillip: No, it’s been fascinating. I mean you know what? Guy, probably you’ve been in this as well, I’d introduce you two to the facets of human nature which are absolutely fascinating and it’s not just in cancer. I’ve done 14 books on health and probably half a dozen books on other subjects, but it all comes back to the frailty of the human condition and cognitive dissilience and all these lovely little buzz words that perhaps we can touch on as we go through it.

Guy: Yeah, and I’m not sure if you’re aware as Phillip because I worked in the fitness industry for a long time and 180 actually came about from ... I was doing weight training programs for people with cancer and it was a charity. That was when I first heard of your work, so this would be back in probably 2008 and 2009. It was a real eye-opener for me back then and just changed the way everything thought. I met Stu and then we set up this company and started being vocal ourselves out here about different aspects of it but yeah. It’s been an interesting journey.

Phillip: I love the idea of 180, it’s great and you know, one of the fascinating things that you come up against straight away is ... And it doesn’t matter what you’re talking about whether it’s vaccinations or mental health or anything like that. What you come up with is, “Hang on a minute. If the authorities have got it so badly wrong, what else have they got wrong?”

This is where you start to come up against this real ... People cannot accept that we’ve got a problem with what we’re being told about illnesses and we can go onto Zika and look at the latest, what I call, World Health Organization boutique disease for 2016, have a look at that [00:06:00]. Yeah, it’s the same thing and there’s a tremendous amount of resistance among well-meaning, well-trusting members of the public.


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180 Nutrition Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or even a coach potato, there’s much wisdom to be had here. 

Ruth Anderson Horrell is a New Zealand representative CrossFit Athlete. She has represented the Australasia region at the World Reebok CrossFit Games in 2011, 2012 and 2013!

Ruth competes for NZ as an Olympic Weightlifter. In 2012 she competed at the Oceania and Trans Tasman Champs. Ruth is a successful co-owner and coach at CrossFit Wild South and works as a Locum small animal veterinarian when she has time :)

Currently she is training towards being Australia’s best female CrossFit athlete. She trains in Los Angeles under the instruction of Dusty Hyland for parts of the year.

In This Episode:

  • How she walks the fine-line between optimum training and overtraining
  • Her recovery strategies Her own exercise routines
  • What CrossFit Regional Games looked like 8 years ago!
  • The advice she would give her 20 year old self when starting CrossFit
  • Her supplement regime
  • The changes she's made to become a better athlete
  • And much much more...


Hey this Guy Lawrence from 180 Nutrition, and welcome to today’s health session. You’ll have to forgive me, it’s nearly 40 degrees Celsius in this room; it is hot. That’s okay, lets push on with the intro. Today’s guest is Ruth Anderson Horrel. She is an incredible athlete, as far as I’m concerned. She’s a Crossfit athlete, if you’re not familiar with her, and she’s been to the Crossfit world games three times. I can assure you now, that is a hell of an achievement. She has a wealth of experience when it comes to exercise, nutrition, and recovery, and I think the one intention was today, whether you’re into Crossfit or not, we really wanted to tap into Ruth’s experience, and wisdom, and hopefully get a few gems across to pick up for everyone, ’cause I think there’s certainly a theme that’s coming across in the podcast, and the way people approach their diet, whether they’re at the elite end of athleticism, or not. 

Whether you just move daily and just trying to drop a bit of weight, there’s always some fantastic lessons to be learned from some of the best people that we can get hold of, that’s for sure. The other thing I’d encourage to do as well, is actually follow Ruth on Instagram, and then you’ll start to see what I mean by what her athletic abilities are, and what she is capable of.

Now, I haven’t asked for a review for a while, but I will. We had a fantastic review on iTunes come in the other day. I always ask for them because they obviously help with the rankings, but other people read them as well, and it’ll encourage them to listen to the podcast, so if you’re getting great befits from listening to my podcast every week when we push them out, then it takes two minutes if you could leave a review. The one we had just the other day says, “my favorite podcast by far,” with 5 stars, that was very generous, by [chinlo 00:01:47]. “Thank you, Guy and Stu for hours of learning. My favorite thing to do is listen to your podcast while going for a nice, long walk. I’ve listened to most of them twice or more. I never tire of your fantastic hosting, A-grade guests, [00:02:00] and the wonderful insights your podcasts bring.” I thought that was absolutely wonderful, so thank you for that, and hence why I gave you a shout out.

We read them all. Tell us how you listen to our podcast. I’d be fascinated to hear because we’re in, I think over 50 countries now, getting downloaded anyway, which is really cool. All right. I’m going to stop blabbering. Let’s go over to Ruth Anderson Horrel. Enjoy.

Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I’m joined with Stuart [Cooke 00:02:27]. Hi, Stu.

Stu:Hello, mate.

Guy:Good to see you. You’re looking well, mate.

Stu:As always.

Guy:Our lovely guest today is Ruth Anderson Horrel. Welcome, Ruth. 

Ruth:Hi, Guy.

Guy:I just realized, did I pronounce your last name correct?

Ruth:Yeah, that’s good. Yeah.

Guy:Okay. I always get confused slightly on that. You’re not the first guest, either. I have no doubt they’ll be two parties listening in on this podcast today. That’s going to be one that’s going to know [inaudible 00:02:55] is, and who you are and Crossfit fanatics, and then I think a big portion of our listeners, as well. They will have heard of Crossfit, but are not going to have any idea. I think hopefully we can, between us all, please both parties today. That’s our intention, anyway, and tap into some of your experience over the years, which we’re excited about.

Just to start and get the ball rolling, as always on our podcasts, can you just mind sharing a little bit about what you do, including Crossfit and outside of Crossfit as well? I know there’s a lot more to you than just going to Crossfit every day and training your heart out, really, isn’t it?

Ruth:Yeah, yeah. Well, that’s a big part of it. It’s a pretty big goal for the last few years has been competing at the Crossfit games and doing well there. In the meantime, on the Crossfit journey, I ended up opening a Crossfit gym about 5 years ago also. That’s been steadily growing and keeping us busy. That’s been a whole new experience for me, just learning how to run [00:04:00] that business. I also run a website, ruthless.co.nz, where we sell Crossfit equipment and accessories and things. That’s normally a few hours of my day, as well. Then I’m a small animal veterinarian and I’ve been doing that for 2 days a week for the last … I’ve been fairly part time, actually with it, probably for the last 3-4 years, so that I can focus on my training. Yeah.

 Read Full Transcript Here: http://180nutrition.com.au/?p=20755

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“... If you don't have time to move, it's like not having time to eat, it's like not having time to breathe; ... Movement is being human. Walking is being human. That's who we are, that's what we're here for. If we don't have time for that, what do we have time for?...” 
― Keegan Smith, The Real Movement Project

180 Nutrition 

Keegan Smith is the founder of the Real MOVEMENT Project, which was born of a decade of research into what it takes to reach the highest levels of performance.

In Keegan's own words; 'Higher performance is contagious. As you attain new levels of performance and success you change the world around you. You become a coach for your family members, friends, team-mates and everyone who sees the standards you’re living to'.

His impressive resume includes; Strength & Conditioning coach for rugby league teams The Sydney Roosters and The London Broncos. He's also coached world cup winning New Zealand all black Sonny Bill Williams and Australian Ironman champion Alastair Day.

In this episode:

  • How and why we need to move daily, and simply hitting the gym 3 times a week is not the answer
  • Why much of your own success lies within the company you keep
  • His own exercise routines
  • His journey from suffering chronic fatigue to greater health
  • Key things he did to help overcome chronic fatigue
  • Using limitations as a guide for actions
  • The future of performance - holistic -> mind, diet, community, self-respect, non-mechanical stress

Learn more at 180 Nutrition


Hey, this is Guy Lawrence from 180 Nutrition and welcome to today's health session. Our first guest for 2016 is Keegan Smith. I [inaudible 00:00:12] thoroughly enjoy this podcast today. I don't like talking up the guest too much; I like to leave the actual podcast interview to do the talking for us. I must say, Keegan has been a bit of an inspiration in my life recently and I'm sure long may that continue.

He is the founder of the Real MOVEMENT Project, which was born of a decade of research into what it takes to reach the highest levels of performance. He's got a very impressive resume. He was the strength and conditioning coach at the Sydney Roosters, London Broncos. If you're not familiar with them, they're rugby league teams in the NRL. He's worked with some amazing athletes including [Sonny Bill Williams 00:00:49], whose now gone on and become a world cup New Zealand all black legend, pretty much. He's a big rugby league star, too. He recently worked with [Ali Day 00:00:58], whose an Ironman, Australian Ironman champion. 

Keegan's own personal journey is phenomenal. He talks about the days of him when he was suffering from chronic fatigue and what he looked upon to make amends to that and how it's led now into what is not the Real MOVEMENT Project, which we go into in depths but, essentially is becoming almost the best version of yourself. Using exercise movement, and food, and building a community around that, and hanging out with like-minded people to then take inspiration and draw that from everyday so, you can apply it in your life. 

As I've gotten to know Keegan like I said, he's certainly made me think about the way I move daily. It's inspired me to take on new challenges, literally as we speak. I genuinely think there's something in this podcast for everyone. Whether you're a fitness trainer and your fully into strength and conditioning, or not. You might go to the gym once a week but, it'll certainly make you look at the way we approach our lives on the daily [00:02:00] basis. I got a lot out today and I'm sure you're going to thoroughly enjoy. 

I will mention as well, we've got the clean eating video series, that's coming up. They're 3 videos that we've made available for free for you guys. You just need to go back to 180nutrition.com.au/clean. These videos are going to be available for 1 week only. It's pretty much putting my [inaudible 00:02:26] sorts and philosophies, what we've learned from all this podcasting and working in the industry for the last 6 years into 3 bite size videos so, you can take action and make 2016 the best year as well. Why are we only making them available for 1 week? We want to create scarcity around it so you guys will take action, and sit down, and actually watch them, and then apply it. Anyway ... They're to recommend to family and friends, as well. That's 180nutrition.com.au/clean. They will be available in the USA as well. Awesome. Let's go over to Keegan Smith. 

Guy:Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I'm joined with Stuart Cooke, as always. Hey, Stu.

Stu:Hello, mate.

Guy:Our awesome guest today is Keegan Smith. Keegan welcome to the show.

Keegan:Good day guys. Thanks for having me on.

Guy:Yeah, mate. It's been a long time coming, I reckon. I just wanted to start out as well, I've been following you on Instagram for quite a while now. Everyday, I see you juggling, doing backward flips, throwing a lot of weight round, walking the tightrope but, doing something that looks a lot of fun. I reckon it's clear that you love what you do and you enjoy doing it as well.

Keegan:Yeah, definitely. It's such an important part of the success that you have is, that you love what you're doing. I can see with you guys and the amount that you've grown. It's always inspiring to see what you're doing and your podcast growth is extending your reach and your impact. I love seeing people who are passionate about what they do; get what they want. It doesn't get much better than that. 

Guy:It’s awesome [00:04:00] and I know we were having this conversation yesterday as well, about … It’d be easy to assume that you were always been this way and doing what you do because you make it look so easy and effortless for when it comes to movement, strength conditioning, and the whole shebang. Pretty keen to get in and tell us a little bit about your own journey and what’s brought you to this point today, really. Also, your impressive resume along the way, as well. Start wherever you want, mate.

Keegan:Appreciate your kind words but, yeah it’s definitely not effortless. The art is to do stuff that’s really hard and keep yourself calm as you do it and under control. I think that changes the psychological response during your training will affect your physiological response. It’s actually a really important part of what we do is, trying to look calm and keep things under control as you train. It’s definitely been a journey and it’s been [inaudible 00:04:57]. I had that background of sports growing up. My father’s an NRL coach of 30 years so, I was always around rugby players and the sporting environment. Mum was an elite athlete as well but, I guess there was a time there where I turned by back on all that and decided to look for something deeper and went backpacking quite a while. That led to a physical deterioration. Even though though I was still trying to eat relatively healthy and get some training done, it did definitely slip.

At the end of that time, I basically got to the stage of chronic fatigue where I just had no energy to train. If I trained, I’d just have a headache, and I’d go home straight to bed, and I’d stay in the dark room for the rest of the day, kind of thing. It was … They were dark times in a lot of ways but, I knew was on my way to something important.

That was probably why I changed and gradually things have got better from that point up until now. I wouldn’t say … I talk about canaries and cockroaches.

The canaries are the fragile ones [00:06:00] and the cockroaches are the ones that are hard to kill no matter what you do. I was definitely very much on the canary side of the spectrum, I was very sensitive to anything; electromagnetic radiation, or foods, or training, all these kind of challenge and stimulus. I’ve come a long way since then but, if I get things wrong, I can still slip back. It’s been exciting to learn all the things that can build myself to that … To be able to do a bit more than I used to be able to do-

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To kick-start the new year, we thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and take a look at some of the highlights and memorable moments of our podcast episodes.

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