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#5. Is it time to take control of your health?

In this episode of The Health Sessions I hangout with Donna & Tora the weight control experts. Their motto is (love this!)health is a lifestyle, not a life sentence. With a great message to health, weight loss and weight control it is a pleasure to have them on the show.

In this weeks episode:- 

  • Mindset, motivation & metabolism
  • How to find you WHY power!
  • Creating hot, healthy habits
  • The relationship between exercise & weight loss
  • Strong body, strong mind
  • What to do if you hate exercise
  • and much more…


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www.180nutrition.com.au With Smart DNA testing you can discover your genetic road map that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

In this episode of The Health Sessions I chat with molecular geneticist Margie Smith of Smart DNA (smart being an understatement!).  Sounds technical I know, but Margie simplifies it into an easy to understand way of how we can look at our gene expression for a more personalised approach to better health.

In this weeks episode:-

  • Why cholesterol tests at the Dr's only tells us half the story
  • Why olive oil can be not so good for you in some cases
  • Why one diet does not fit all
  • How DNA testing can help with weight loss
  • How DNA testing can improve athletic performance
  • Our hereditary conditions & how we can intervene
  • and much more…
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#4. Ever wondered if we can live without carbohydrates? It certainly gets a lot of stick in the press…

In this episode of The Health Sessions I catch up with Shane Richards of Holistic Foundations who chats to us about life without carbs. Shane runs a thriving community/gym with a fantastic approach around health & well-being. Shane is one of the most passionate guys I know and it is a pleasure to have him on the podcast.

In this weeks episode:-

  • Living with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) & steps he took to help overcome it
  • Living without carbs
  • What is nutritional ketosis
  • How to measure ketones accurately
  • What fats he eats
  • Exercising & weight training on a high fat diet with great improvements & not using carbs for recovery
  • What a typical days eating looks like
  • and much more…
  • Useful links we discuss:

If you would like a question or topic covered on our podcasts, then we would love to hear from you.  www.180nutrition.com.au

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#3. In this weeks episode of The Health Sessions I hang out with leading Naturopath and Nutritionist Tania Flack and discuss leaky gut, dysbiosis and how to fix it. If you want to jump straight to this and skip Stu & I’s ramblings go to [13:03] of the podcast.

In this weeks episode:-

  • Stu & I introduce the show and chat about…
  • Dairy, Neem tea, quality of tap water & hair mineral analysis
  • Tania Flack & I chat about… [13:03]
  • Why a healthy person can have an unhealthy gut
  • How to fix leaky gut
  • What exactly is dysbiosis
  • Why detoxing the liver before the gut is not the best approach
  • and much more…

If you would like a question or topic covered on our podcasts, then we would love to hear from you.


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Dr. Ranga J. Premaratna; How to enhance brain function

#2. In this episode of The Health Sessions I get to hang out with Dr. Ranga J. Premaratna who has a Ph.D- Food & Nutritional Science with specialisation in Nutrition, Food Microbiology, Biotechnology.

We chat about the gut & brain relationship and simple steps you can take to enhance daily brain function.

  • Stu & I introduce the show and discuss…
  • our recent gut tests with Tania Flack
  • dysbiosis
  • EMF polution
  • Dr. Ranga J. Premaratna discusses… [10:12]
  • gut health relationship
  • where to start with gut health
  • glycation of the brain
  • mobile phones
  • and much more…..

If you would like a question or topic covered on the podcast, then we would love to hear from you.


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Robert Beson: Learn the secrets to a healthy gut

#1. In this episode we focus on gut health, where I chat to the other half of 180 Nutrition Stuart Cooke and interview the CEO of Progurt, Robert Beson.

Gut health is essential for a healthy mind and body. The gut is actually scientifically known as the second brain, being there’s a direct connection between our mind and gut. A healthy gut means better health physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s very important.

The gut is the gastrointestinal tract. It’s the single organ that you can describe as a long tube that begins at the mouth and ends at the rectum. The mouth is the first part of the gastrointestinal tract, so you can understand that when the gut loses balance of good bacteria, it can affect your ear, nose, and throat, virtually every part of your body simply because the gut isn’t performing as it should. In my world, you are your gut.


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