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This week I'm excited to welcome Dr Christopher Shade. Quicksilver Scientific Founder & CEO, Dr. Christopher Shade obtained his PhD in environmental metals chemistry from the University of Illinois. During his PhD work, Dr. Shade patented analytical technology for mercury speciation analysis and later founded Quicksilver Scientific, Inc. to commercialize this technology. Shortly after starting Quicksilver Scientific, Dr. Shade turned his focus to the human aspects of mercury toxicity and the functioning of the human detoxification system. He has since researched and developed superior liposomal delivery systems for the nutraceutical and wellness markets; and his clinical analytical techniques for measuring human mercury exposure are unique and more comprehensive than anything in the industry.

Thanks to Dr. Shade’s deep understanding of mercury and glutathione chemistry, he was able to design this breakthrough system of products for detoxification that support and maximize the natural detoxification system. Formulated to target specific detoxification pathways, Dr. Shade’s bundles and protocols combine his knowledge for maximum effect. These bundles create a powerful entourage effect that helps the body maintain homeostasis and metabolic balance for optimal health.


Questions we ask in this episode:

  • What’s the gold standard when testing for heavy metals?
  • What are the most common symptoms of heavy metal toxicity?
  • How safe is the removal of dental amalgams?



This week, I'm excited to welcome Dr. Christopher Shade. Dr. Shade is the CO and co-founder of Quicksilver Scientific and is a globally recognized expert in the field of heavy metals and detoxification. In this episode, we discuss the signs and symptoms of heavy metal toxicity, together with the strategies that we can call upon to start detoxification. Over to Dr. Shade.

Hey guys, this is Stu from 118 Nutrition and I am delighted to welcome Dr. Christopher Shade to the podcast. Dr. Shade, how are you?


Doing very good, thank you Stuart.


Really interested in the topic today which, essentially, is going to be talking about detoxification, heavy metal accumulation, things along those lines. First up, for our listeners that may not be familiar with you, yourself or your work, I'd love it if you could just share a little bit about yourself, please.


Oh sure. I'm a PhD originally in Environmental Chemistry and Bio-chemistry, focused a lot around or almost exclusively on metals in the environment, specifically mercury. I run a company called Quicksilver Scientific, you can find us at Quicksilverscientific.com, it's a Quicksilver YouTube channel, and we make these high tech dietary supplements, we set the future of dietary supplements. We do these sublingual deliveries of different nutraceuticals and our original focus was on detoxification of metals, and then detoxifications of all environmental toxins. We applied these delivery systems to be able to get a maximum effect out of nutraceuticals that people usually associated with detoxification but when you really get the right delivery and you line everything up together you can get extraordinarily powerful programs going.

That's what we've really built on and we've grown into, we just did a keto product, we're doing hormone products all around this delivery system. Here, we're talking about metals and mercury detoxification and that's been my core for 20 years now.

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