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This week we welcome Kimmy Smith to the show. Kimmy inspires Mums to achieve post-natal weight loss and fitness in a safe and positive way through exercise and positive thinking.
She created the Fit Mummy Squad because she wants to help all mums to feel the way that they deserve to feel.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • How important is postnatal nutrition?
  • Can new mums jump straight back into their post-pregnancy exercise routine?
  •  What are your 3 top tips for super-busy mums?



This week, I'm excited to welcome Kimmy Smith. Kimmy inspires moms to achieve postnatal weight loss and fitness in a safe and positive way through exercise and positive thinking. In this interview we discuss the best ways to nourish and strengthen at this time, and also [00:01:00] the strategies, tips, and techniques to use when feeling down.

01:04 This really is a great conversation as we get asked a lot about this subject, so I'm really grateful to be able to share this knowledge with you today. Okay, over to Kimmy.

01:17 Hey guys, this is Stu from 180 Nutrition, and I am delighted to welcome Kimmy Smith to the podcast. Kimmy, how are you?


01:24 I'm very well, and super excited to be here today. Thank you.


01:28 Yeah. It's a topic I think that [00:01:30] is going to be of huge interest to so many people out there. So, before we delve into all the questions and get stuck into the juicy stuff, I'd love it if you could just tell our listeners a little bit about who you are and what you do.


01:43 Okay. Awesome. So, my name is Kimmy Smith, and I'm the founder of the Fit Mummy Project App and the Nourish Mummy Project App, and I'm a mom to three little girls. I guess I'm sort of in my, I feel like it's [00:02:00] my second life. My first life I played professional sport, so I played for the New South Wales Swifts, and I was member of the Australian netball squad. For a long time, that was who I was, so extremely fit and very competitive. At the same time, I was studying law and working as a corporate lawyer, so very type A.

For full interview and transcript:

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