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Stu: This week we welcome Alicia Lynn Diaz to the show. Alicia Lynn Diaz, MA, AHP is a spiritual leader, Ayurvedic health practitioner and miracle activator who illuminates the sacred power of impact makers on a mission to create a thriving world for future generations. She is the founder of Sacred Satsang, a spiritual development and personal transformation group program that combines ancient Vedic wisdom with modern-day science to assist Truth seekers in actualizing their greatest potential.

She has mentored extensively under the world renowned Vedic masters, Dr Vasant Lad and Dr Pankaj Naram, who was an advisor to the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa. Alicia’s experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Physiologist and University Professor combined with deep spiritual mentorship has given her a unique ability to translate this ancient wisdom in a potent way that is relevant to our modern world. Alicia Lynn is deeply committed to global awakening and the transformation of healthcare, environmental and humanitarian constructs. She believes that God is calling us as leaders to realize our souls purpose and be a catalyst to the highest evolution of our society so we can move towards operating as one integrated whole.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  •  What are the 6 stages of disease manifestation?
  • How does emotional trauma impact our overall health?
  • Is gut health as important as we’re led to believe?


00:44 This week I'm excited to welcome Alicia Lynn Diaz. Alicia is a spiritual healer and Ayurveda health practitioner who combines ancient wisdom with modern day science to help clients irradiate illness, dissolve emotional blocks, and start the journey to self healing. In this episode we discuss the six stages of disease manifestation and how hidden emotional trauma can be impact your health. We chat about traditional medicine versus modern day medicine, and the strategies that we can follow to transform our health, starting today.

01:16 Now, I got a huge amount from this conversation. So, enough from me, over to Alicia.

01:26 Hey, guys. This is Stu from 180 Nutrition, and I am delighted today to welcome Alicia Lynn Diaz to the show. Good morning Alicia. How are you?


01:33 Good morning. Thank you for having me, Stuart.


01:35 No problems. Very intrigued to talk to you about your specialty today, and we're gonna get into that in a sec. But first up, I just love it if you could just tell our listeners a little bit about what you do, and perhaps why you do it as well?


01:50 Yeah, my pleasure. So, I practice a form of wholistic medicine called Ayurveda, which is traditional Indian medicine. And, if you've ever heard of this before I'd like you to wipe clean anything you thought you knew of it. And, if you've never heard about it before I'd like you to just enter into this conversation with wide-eyed curiosity, because the term itself can be a little bit like, "Oh, how do you pronounce that? What is that?"

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