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This week we welcome to the show Brian MacKenzie. He is a human performance and movement specialist. He is the innovator of the endurance, strength and conditioning paradigm. He has studied performance and movement since 2001 with altitude, hypoxia, breathing mechanics & methods, along with heat and cold exposure. He has spent a lot of his time training and understanding in and around the water, and desert. He has participated in Ironman (Canada 2004), and has run the Western States 100 and the Angeles Crest 100 mile endurance runs. He co-authored the books Power Speed Endurance, and The New York Times Best Seller UnBreakable Runner.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  •  When it comes to training, I’ve heard you say quality vs quantity and methods are many, principles are few, please explain?
  • What areas of exercise modalities would you encourage the weekend warrior who wants a rounded approach to their health, movement and longevity?
  • You free dived with Great White Sharks. Why?
  • Where does your passion for breathwork come from?
  • You're currently collaborating with Stanford University's Neuroscience Dept. on how breath can influence our 'state', what have you discovered?
  • I was intrigued by your book Unplugged, what can the reader expect from this?

And this week, our fantastic guest is Brian Mackenzie, who is a human performance and movement specialist. Not only that, he's a top bloke and a lot of fun and just got a stack of wisdom and experience behind him, so it was great to have him on the show today. He's studied performance and movement since 2001 with altitude, hypoxia, breathing mechanics, methods along with heat and cold exposure as well. And we also dive into his more recent project, The Art of Breath, which of course I'm pretty passionate about as well. We even get into his book, Unplugged, and why he recently free-dived without a cage with great white sharks as well, which just blew my mind. So it's all in there. I don't care what you do. There's nuggets of wisdom for everyone in this podcast, and I have no doubt you're going to enjoy.

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Anyway, let's go over to Brian McKenzie. Enjoy!

[00:02:00] Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I'm joined with Stuart Cook, as always. Good morning, Stu.


Hello mate!


And our awesome guest today is Brian Mackenzie. Brian, welcome to the show, dude.


Thanks for having me, boys. Pleasure.


It's been a long time coming. Your name has popped up on different views and podcasts over the last 12 months at least. So it's like oh, we gotta get Brian on the show. So yeah, very appreciative of your time, mate.


Yeah, absolutely.


So we have a question we ask everyone when we kick off, and that is, "If a stranger stopped you on the street and asked you what you did for a living, what would you say?


I don't know.


Don't speak to strangers.


[00:03:30] Yeah. Literally I'd say, "I don't know." I could equate doing yard work to that's part of my job or working out, that's part of my job, or screwing around with breathing or screwing around with a kettlebell or whatever, or walking my dogs. That's part of work, you know? It literally is, because I'm trying to understand things, connect dots, and make things happen in a way that ... you know I've been able to ... I do believe I'm fortunate, but I do believe that I've kept something that a lot of people just really ditch and think that they gotta get in, like "I gotta get a job," which I understand that. I've played that game, but I've remained curious enough to be able to develop things that have allowed me to do what it is I really want to do.



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