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This week welcome to the show Shaun O'Gorman. He is the founder of THE STRONG LIFE PROJECT. He helps men, particularly Police, Military, and First Responders, be more connected, effective and strong leaders in their life. He helps them have the confidence to stand up, be counted and not give a shit what other people think. Being a loving, connected and powerful leader means you are the best Husband/Partner, Father, Friend and Colleague you can be, whilst not being influenced by other people’s opinions.

He has overcome many struggles and obstacles in his life and through this process he realised he has Developed the ability to help other people achieve amazing results for themselves in their lives and ultimately to LIVE THE STRONG LIFE.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • How did you come back from the dark times in your life?
  • For anyone out there who’s in a dark place, what 3 tips/advice would you give them?
  • Can you discuss the 4 keys to your work in managing mental and emotional health.
  • Your book is called "My Dark Companion" what is your dark companion?
  • What Is The Strong Life Project?

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Hey, this is Guy Lawrence of 180 Nutrition and of course, welcome to another stellar episode of the Health Sessions. Every week we connect with leading global health and wellness experts to share the best and latest science thinking, and empowering us all to turn our health and lives around. [00:00:30] This week we are doing with the awesome Shaun O’Gorman. Boy did I love this show.Shaun is just a tower of strength, man. He set up what’s called the strong life project. Shaun has got a phenomenal story and background in what he’s doing. [00:01:00] To put it shortly, Shaun spent 13 years in the police force. We’ll get in to some of the things that he had seen and witnessed and had to deal with on a daily basis in the particular part of the force that he was in, in the dog squad. It’s quite incredible actually. He talks about his PTSD, and his depression, and his suicidal thoughts, and how he got through that and has come back out the other side to set up the Strong Life project, as a place for men in particular. Even that have been in the military or the police force, not necessarily, but where they can actually start to be open and talk about these things. [00:01:30] Shaun is sharing all his wisdom, what he’s learned and what he feels is necessary to turn these things around and then become a leader in your own family and your life. In Shaun’s words, he says, “This being a loving, connected, and powerful leader means you’re the best husband, partner, father, friend, and colleague you can be, whilst not being influenced by other people’s opinions.” It was just awesome and I loved every second of it. I have no doubt you’re going to get heaps out of this today. If you do know anyone that might be going through a bit of tough time or a dark place at the moment, then definitely, definitely share this episode with them after you listen to it because it’s things like this that can really shape and help people, the direction of their life moving forward, especially when it’s in that sort of place. It was awesome. [00:02:00] [00:02:30] Don’t forget guys, I want to mention as well, that we are giving away free samples of our 180 Super Food Protein Blend at the moment. All you need to do if you haven’t tried it, is come back to 180nutrition.com.au and click the big banner on the home page, and that will lead you where you can get your free sample. We just ask for a small fee in shipping and handling, which we think is fair enough. We always say, replace your breakfast with it. If you’re struggling to eat cleanly on a regular basis, start with a smoothie, start at breakfast time. It’s gonna be two minutes and you can get real food real fast. It’s empowering thousands of people. We aim to reach a hundred thousand people in Australia this year to at least try 180 so we can contribute and help their nutrition. So if you know anyone as well that you might think benefit from the 180 blend. Please, just send them over to 180 where they can actually grab a free sample and take it from there. All right guys, that is awesome. Let’s go over to Shaun. Enjoy the show, this is a great one. [00:03:00] Hi, this is Guy Lawrence, I’m joined with Stuart Cooke. Good morning, Stuart. Oh.


Hello, mate. How are you?


Wow, there’s a huge delay then. And our awesome guest today is Shaun O’Gorman. Shaun welcome to the show.


Thank you, boys. Pleasure to be on.


Awesome, fantastic. Now, Shaun we ask everyone on the show that comes on, If a complete stranger stopped you on the street and ask you what you did for a living, what would you say? [00:03:30]


A couple of things. But, the main one is Critical Stress Consultant. So, what I do now is help people with deal with stress, deal with PTSD, deal their mental health, and their life, so that’s the term I came up with.


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