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This week welcome to the show Steph Lowe. She is a sports nutritionist, triathlete and cashew butter addict from Melbourne, Victoria. She teachs how easy real food living and performance can be. 

A little more about Steph:

  • She has been gluten free for nine years now, and literally because it makes her happy.
  • She has an undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science (James Cook University, Townsville).
  • She has a post graduate degree in Human Nutrition (Deakin University, Melbourne) and is one subject away from completing my Masters.
  • She is a long course triathlete currently taking a break from racing to reset the body and mind.

Her biggest piece of advice is to dive straight in – study, blog, create, share and enjoy the journey. Do what you love, love what you do.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • What is metabolic efficiency and what is it important for everyone, from the sedentary to elite athlete?
  • Do athletes need carbohydrates?
  • From a fuelling and recovery perspective, what adjustments would you make from say; a high intensity sport like Crossfit to a endurance athlete?
  • Is ketosis compulsory?
  • What are the common mistakes people make?

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This week we’re doing it with the fantastic Steph Lowe from The Natural Nutritionist. Steph has been gluten free for nine years. She has an undergraduate degree in sports and exercise science and she has a post-graduate degree in human nutrition.

[00:01:00] I loved every moment of this podcast today and it was great to get Steph on and share her experience and wisdom across the years. Because essentially she’s in the firing line. She’s dealing with one-on-one clients all year round when it comes to sports nutrition, and more importantly, the topic that we get into today about combining low carb and real food and more of a fat-adapted diet to athletic performance. We make sure we cover the spectrum today, so from people that essentially could be living a sedentary lifestyle, to the weekend warriors or people that exercise, and then obviously to the high-end. We use crossfit as an example, but the high intensity, even then onto endurance athletes, and what’s the best way to go about looking at the way you will [fuel 00:01:23] yourself for maximum performance.

[00:02:00] Even though if you’re not a high-end athlete this is definitely an applicable podcast for you. I loved every minute of it, like I said, and it was awesome to finally get Steph on the show to share all this stuff with you today. I certainly enjoyed it. I have no doubt you guys are going to enjoy it as well, and we’ll move onto Steph in a second. I just want to throw out there guys, don’t forget, leave us a review on iTunes if you can. Subscribe to us and five star us if you are a regular listener and if you are enjoying the podcast on a regular basis, because they do truly allow other people to find our podcasts and help them too. It’s a great way of, I guess, giving back a little for tuning in on a regular basis. I ask every week, and I’ll continue to ask, but that’s cool as well. Let’s go over to Steph Lowe. Enjoy. Hey, this is Guy Lawrence. I’m joined by Stuart Cooke. Good morning Stu.


Hello, Guy. How are you?


I’m fantastic. Thank you. Our awesome guest today is Steph Lowe. Steph, welcome to the show.


Hi guys. Great to be here.


Great to finally have you on Steph. I’ve been following you for a long time, and to finally see you on the podcast is great. Absolutely. The first question I got for you, Steph, which I’ve been asking everyone on the show is if a complete stranger stopped you in a cocktail party, say, and asked you what you did for a living, what would you say?


[00:03:00] I would say that I’m a sports nutritionist and I run The Natural Nutritionist which is certainly an online hub where we teach people not only how to just eat real food, but how to optimize their metabolism for everything from the day-to-day activities up to being an elite athlete.

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