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#7. These are  just one of the questions we ask leading naturopath and nutritionist Tania Flack as we go over our results from our DNA test.

If you have no idea what the DNA testing is, listen to this podcast first: The ultimate blueprint for better health. I’ve time coded the bullet points so can you jump straight to the bits that interest you most in the video/podcast if you’re short on time.

In this weeks episode:-

  • What is DNA testing
  • Who would benefit from this [03:10]
  • Even if you eat well, it could be wrong for your body type [05:38]
  • Why it’s 50% harder for me to lose body fat than Stu [07:05]
  • How it can help sports performance [09:50]
  • Looking at risk factors around metabolic conditions [18:30]
  • and much more…


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