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This week welcome to the show Steph Lowe. She is a sports nutritionist, triathlete and cashew butter addict from Melbourne, Victoria. She teachs how easy real food living and performance can be. 

A little more about Steph:

  • She has been gluten free for nine years now, and literally because it makes her happy.
  • She has an undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science (James Cook University, Townsville).
  • She has a post graduate degree in Human Nutrition (Deakin University, Melbourne) and is one subject away from completing my Masters.
  • She is a long course triathlete currently taking a break from racing to reset the body and mind.

Her biggest piece of advice is to dive straight in – study, blog, create, share and enjoy the journey. Do what you love, love what you do.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • How can we use carbohydrates to nourish and/or heal our gut?
  • Are shop-bought pre/probiotics beneficial or a waste of money?
  • What are the most common tell-tale symptoms of poor gut health?
  • Will LCHF work for everyone?


This week I'm excited to welcome Steph Lowe, A.K.A. the natural nutritionist. So Steph is a sports nutritionist, triathlete, and cashew butter addict from Melbourne, with a strong focus on low carb, high fat for enhanced sports performance. So really, really interesting stuff. We talk about gut health, carbohydrate confusion, the effectiveness of shop bought probiotics, and why you may want to switch to eating cold potatoes. I'll be doing that very thing today. So without further ado, let's get into the show. Hey guys, this is Stu from 180, and I'm delighted to welcome Steph Lowe back to the show. Good morning Steph, how are you?


Well thank you, how are you?


[00:01:30] Yeah very good thanks, very good. So Steph first up, for all those that may not be familiar with your work, just wondered if you could share a little bit of your history and your journey for our listeners please.


[00:02:00] Yeah for sure. So these days I run the Natural Nutritionist, which is a online hub that celebrates the importance of real food. And we work with a wide variety of people, certainly from beginners and potentially families that are looking to move into what we call a real food lifestyle, all the way up to our endurance athletes who are looking to optimize their metabolism and become a fat adapted athlete.

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