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Topics covered this week:

  • Can't gain weight, what am I doing wrong?
  • Our Daily routines and non-negotiables
  • Visualisation

Questions asked:

I train at a very high intensity (crossfit) twice a day, I eat very clean (Paleo) I've lost a few kilos over time I had a dexter scan & im 10% body fat with really strong bone density so I'm really happy with my condition but would like to put on a few kilos but my health is so important I'm very strict so can't do it by rubbish food, I do keep Greek yogurt & cheese in my diet just to keep some weight on, can I eat a lot more clean food to help with this with out it being harmful to my health is there a supplement u can suggest I'm taking Whey at the moment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank u so much.
Kind regards Shane.


Hey guys! To quickly introduce myself, i am a 19 year old, living in the Western Suburbs of Victoria, Australia. I am an avid runner, usually running around 90km a week, with the addition of indispensable gym sessions (twice a week). In addition I am currently studying a Bachelor of exercise science, towards the pursuit of a Physiotherapy career, accompanied by a major interest in the overall wellbeing of an individual, cognitively and nutritionally. With all that saying, I was hoping you guys could advise me on some of your \"non-negotiable\'s\" which you deem absolute paramount, or at least helpful to a daily life. Ranging from the use of small nutritional tips (ie. ACV with lemon) to practising the use of visualisation (and how so). I really do believe the overall wellbeing of an individual is being bypassed by many today, and i really want to start ensuring i am ticking as many boxes as possible in order to fulfil my potential, and simply live a stress free, happy life. Thank you! any advice would be greatly appreciated, with that in mind; i also listen to your podcasts weekly on my way to uni! love them so keep it up! Conor :)

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