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Stu: This week we welcome Jeff Chilton to the show. He has been in the mushroom industry since 1973. He is a founding member of the World Society for Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products and a member of the International Society for Mushroom Science. Jeff Chilton’s company, Nammex, was the first company to offer certified organic mushrooms to the supplement industry in the United States. Nammex extracts are used by many supplement companies and are considered high quality based on scientific analysis of the active compounds.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • Questions asked in the episode
  • Does the way mushrooms are grown affect their medicinal activity?
  •  Which single mushroom offers the most ‘bang for buck’?
  • How can we determine if mushroom supplements live up to their claims?


This week I'm excited to welcome Jeff Chilton. Jeff has been a pioneer in the medicinal mushroom industry every since he began his career working on a large commercial mushroom farm in the '70s. In this episode we discuss medicinal mushrooms, mushroom industry flaws and the surprising ingredient that may be lurking in your mushroom products. I wonder what that is.

01:06 Jeff is a wealth of knowledge, and given the recent popularity of mushroom supplements, a timely guest on the show. So let's head over to Jeff. Hey guys, this is Stu from 180 Nutrition. And I'm delighted to welcome Jeff Chilton to the show. Good morning Jeff, how are you?


01:28 Hi Stuart, how're you doing? I'm fine.


01:30 Very well thank you. I really appreciate you sharing some time with us today. And we generally start the show with asking our guests just to tell our audience a little bit about who you are and what you do as well please Jeff.


01:47 I was born and raised in the Pacific northwest of the United States, in the Seattle area. And this is a part of the world that we call evergreen, so that we've got forests, and lots of lakes and rivers and waters. I came of age actually in the '60s, which was quite a time actually-

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