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 This week we welcome Dr. William Davis to the show. He is a Milwaukee-based American cardiologist and author of health books known for his stance against "modern wheat", which he labels a "perfect, chronic poison." This view had previously been rejected by the medical and agricultural industry based on conjecture, minimal controlled studies, and challenges inherent to clinical research,however anecdotal evidence such as Dr. Davis's and among many patients in the western populace suggest more research is necessary to understand and measure physiological and psychological influences that gluten and today's contemporary cultivars of wheat may have on human health apart from non-therapeutic dietary trends. In a review of May 2015 published in Gastroenterology, Fasano et al. conclude that, although there is an evident "fad component" to the recent rise in popularity of the gluten-free diet, there is also growing and unquestionable evidence of the existence of non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  •  Is wheat really as harmful as we’re led to believe?
  • What’s the connection of wheat consumption and heart disease?
  • Can 2 slices of wholewheat bread raise blood sugar levels higher than a snickers bar?



This week, I’m excited to welcome Dr. William Davis. Dr. Davis is a cardiologist and author of the New York Times best-selling book, Wheat Belly. He’s known for his stance against modern wheat, and believes that it’s the single largest contributor to the nationwide obesity epidemic. Fascinating stuff. In this episode, we discuss how he witnessed over 2000 patients regain their health, after giving up wheat. Also, get this, while eating a Snickers bar is less unhealthy than eating two slices of bread. You guys have been asking for this interview for a while now, and I’m truly honored to chat to Dr. Davis today. Let’s get into the show. 01:25 Hey guys, this is Stu from 180 Nutrition, and I am delighted to welcome Dr. William Davis to the show. Good morning Dr. Davis, although, it probably isn’t morning for you is it? It’s probably the afternoon.


01:36 It’s dinner time around here Stu.


01:37 Oh okay. No problems. Look, firstly thank you so much for sharing your time. For all those that may not be familiar with your work, and there probably won’t be that many people that aren’t, I would love for you to tell our listeners a little bit about who you are and what you do.


01:53 I practiced cardiology, interventional cardiology for about 25 years. Became very disenchanted, disappointment what that meant, and practiced preventive cardiology, but truly tried to stop and reverse coronary disease. Did it in many people, and that led to the writing of my Wheat Belly series of books, and then more recently the undoctored book.

For full transcript and interview:

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